Hardest Religion to Debate with

For me, Islam is the hardest religion to debate with, I’m frequently studying about it to be better at arguments with Muslims. What do you think the hardest one is in your opinion?

Debating a Muslim is no different than debating any other theist.


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It is a third iteration of the same idea, so they expanded at certain things and eliminated certain things.
They added a few theological perks in order to avoid christian traps. Essentially they eliminated the possibility of observation or actual knowledge of god. They also eliminated miracles in humans but they retained story of humans witnessing miracles. And they won’t happen again because Muhammad is the last prophet
It’s all just a theological game to save concept of Yahweh.


I think not.

Can Muslims demonstrate objective and empirical evidence for the existence or Allah?

I don’t recognize the Koran or the Bible or the Old Testament as authoritative or god’s word. Why would I?

Have you tried discussing/debating with scientologists?



No. What are they like? :thinking:

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Brainwashed. They are explicitly not allowed to think for themselves (the doctrine is that if they question L. Ron Hubbards writings, however absurd it may be, there is something they have misunderstood, and that is cracked down on by making them take the “courseware” over again, or go through extra indoctrination training). When “discussing” with them, they will lie straight to your face without hesitating. Lying is part of their “religious” training. Depending on the individual, they can be easy to trap in contradictions (because their scam religion is nothing but bad sci-fi made up by a hack author), but they will never ever admit they contradict themselves. I’ve had the “pleasure” of wasting their time on several occasions, mainly for entertainment when out traveling, and in need of something to do to kill time.


So in other words they’re completely nuts. I wonder if that’s what it’s like to hold a conversation with Tom Cruise. :thinking:

Correct. But a word of warning: if you encounter them, never ever let them trick you into taking one of their “free” courses. I did their personality test (which is rigged; it is impossible to get an “acceptable” result on it), but I was prepared by reading a lot about the beforehand, so I knew what to do/not to do. If you feel compromised, and want an easy exit, ask them to tell you about Xenu (google it). They will deny they know the name, but just keep repeating it so that everyone else can hear it. This will force them to kick you out, or to stop talking to you.

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The statutes of limitations have long expired on my youthful telecommunication fraud of cutting into the Church of Scientology’s phone lines to make overseas prank calls/1-900 calls.


It is essentially impossible to debate a Buddhist. It is a non-theistic religion based upon discovery of universal truths (Dhamma) that apply to everyone, everywhere all the time. It is not dependent on divine revelation or prophets. The discovery and realization of universal norm is a matter of individual effort and practice, not “faith”, not gurus, gods, God (the Abrahamic one), holy scriptures, the positions of planets (astrology), crystal gazing or other forms or pseudoscience and mysticism.

This sounds like an advertisement for Buddhism instead of an observation. If not, I apologize.
The problem with this kind of faith is that has nothing in it that can be tested or verified or falsified. It’s basically, “I think this is what is real, therefore it is real.” At lest the Abrahamic religions have “something” they can point to that you can test and defeat.

My wife is an ex scientologist and retains much of their conditioning…she still believes in Thetans FFFS.

I can handle them all with adequate efficiency, because theists tend to reiterate the same old arguments due to the fact that their belief systems don’t particularly evolve through time.

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Awww, man! How I would LOVE to meet one of them! :revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts: “Battlefield Earth” is my FAVORITE L. Ron Hubbard book. (And the movie was actually rather entertaining, too.)

Say whaaaaaat?.. They have a personality test? :smiley::smiley::smiley: How does one get the chance to take that test? How-how-how? :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Just find one of their “churches”, walk in and someone will be very happy to test you.

My Missus still believes that their “e meter” is genuine despite showing her the guts of one.

She does now accept the whole bullshit of their grading system of “knowledge” (OT3 thru OT8) is utter crap after I let her read the OT 3 thru 8 that the California Courts forced the Church to release. It s now online. You too can be as enlightened as Tom Cruise.

Mt stepson was in the Sea Org…only to get laid…and then he left (roflmfao)