Happy New Year 2023

What is your hope for 2023?

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Happy New Year, all you kool kats and kittens! For 2023 I hope my feet don’t smell and my nose doesn’t run. I also hope I don’t have to pay for a freeway, or tighten up any loose ends. And I really hope I can learn to tie a rainbow and skeet in a chute. (Oh, sorry. T.M.I.?) :grin:


Shooting for the stars, eh, Tin-Man? :wink:

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I hope the Pope sets himself on fire and falls off the little balcony he uses to address the public. That would really make my year!


I hope we get a few knowledgeable, rational theists through here. A couple of jesuits maybe or a Ken Ham follower…I miss my chew toys and entertainment.


I’m on board with a change in elevation for the Pope this year, as well.

That thought, combined with the death of a grisly little man called Ratzinger, were enough to place a smile onto even my face this first day of the new year.

Frohes neues Jahr!


I’d rather see him crucified upside down before he bursts into flames.


Happy calendar change day. I hope the new calendar opens myriad opportunities for explorations into numerology…after all, everything comes down to 5.

Edit (truth has 5 letters)

Now see… that’s just greedy. Why can’t you just be satisfied with a nice popekabob??

Edit: remember to get marshmallows

Five??? Seriously? Oh, you poor little bird. Did your mommy let you fall out of the nest too soon after hatching? Everybody knows everything in the universe revolves around 42. It has been written in a very popular book, so it is obviously true.

Well, you know me. Always attempting to exceed my lack of expectations. “Go big, or go small,” that’s MY motto. :grin:

Nope :-1:


5=2+3. 23

42= 2/42 :arrow_right:21 which is (2+1) is 3 SO 23

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Hey all, happy 2023. Hope you had fun last night. First day of the new year here! :smiley:

@Whitefire13 is correct silicone lubricant breath.
Your rusty brain is…what’s the expression?..oh yeah cornfused…have you not been enlightened to the “Law of Fives” ?
And on top of everything, you insinuate that my mother was negligent and you devolve into an ad populum appeal to your erroneous declaration!!
I am thinking that perhaps you need to spend more time out in the sun.

Edit Dave Brubeck

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I’m gonna buy Tin Man that golden toilet he always wanted with a wad of 1 dollar bills to use as toilet paper. Still tapimg them together!

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That makes him sounds like royalty. All hail the Tin?

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Hey, that poses a very interesting question…

Which would be better? A Golden Shitter, or a Golden Ticket?

(Edit for Oompa Loompa.)

Really? You can’t be serious. :roll_eyes: That’s just a bunch of mathematically manipulated bias confirmation. Now, watch as I demonstrate the true power of 42. Prepare to be amazed…

42… 4+4=8… 2+2=4… That gives us 84. And if you subtract 42 from 84, you are left with 42… (Ka-BOOM)… Blew your mind, right? But, wait! It gets better.

Take that same 84 and divide it by 4, and you get 21. Multiply 21 by 2, and what do you get?.. That’s right… 42! Totally boggles the mind, doesn’t it? Oh, and divide 84 by 2, and we once again end up with 42. If that doesn’t put your doubts to rest, I don’t know what will.

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