This is what happened in my neck of the woods… Ite-wan is known for being a place where US Soldiers hang out on the weekends. In the past 10 years it has been cleaned up, prostitution eliminated, and stores and restaurants encouraged to open. Now the place is a Korean Hot Spot. The foreigners are all going to Hyundai Dong. The hill everyone died on is colloquially known as ‘Hooker Hill.’ Though, like I said previously, it has been cleaned up. 153 dead and hundreds injured. Mobs in the streets, just like this, are common sites during Korean celebrations. We don’t usually see death counts like this.

The headline I made up in my head when I read about this was:

FOMO just killed [153] people!

Well since you know the area better than anyone around here I’m sure: do you think it was a lack of exits, or just a plain old stampede?

Domino effect. The hill is steep. Someone fell into someone else and an avalanche of bodies was the result. It was packed so tight that people just toppled like dominoes.

Always hard to hear, especially when it is people just enjoying themselves with little or no expectation of death.

This is extremely fucked up, happy Halloween.

Human tragedies like this always cause me emotional pain. Especially since it was senseless.

Probably part of God’s Perfect Plan. You know how he always enjoys a good human tragedy to bring people closer to his loving arms.

(Edit for irony.)

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Dong: Yep You will also like the division Goon Spelled .

A Dong is like an area inside a city. Each city is divided up into Dongs. And Korea is a male dominated society. Outside the cities in the farming communities, the Dongs are very small so they are called ‘Goons.’ ‘Doe’ pronounced like the deer are counties and islands.

Fun Korean English Comparisons
Pee — Rain
Ta-da ---- take a ride
gills ---- streets
rows ---- country roads
Yolk ---- Train Station
noon ------ Snow, Eye,
Nail ------ Tomorrow
Nail Moray (Like the eel, I grew up on the beach.) Day after tomorrow.
Cronic -ka ------ Oh, that’s why. I understand.
Okay ---- Shoulders
Yak(Soft A as in vomit) = medicine.
Moon ----- Door

That’s all I can think of right now.

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That part they got it right. You know what mooning is and that part of the body is a two-way door… :laughing:

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