Guess who is at it again?

Once again, Christian Nationalists demonstrate their bigotry:

Only in the warped and twisted world of American Christian Nationalism, could bringing a ray of happiness into the lives of autistic children be described as “demonic”.

These fuckers have their brains permanently stuck in the 10th century .


I just face-palmed my nose out of my ass. The insanity of religion knows no bounds.


If Jesus Christ led Trinity, would HE have an Autism Awareness Week? Of course not!

If Jebus actually existed, autism wouldn’t exist…

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Agreed, another deranged scumbag with all the charm of a mass grave. though this leaped out:

“to get the benefits of His teachings (compassion, kindness, feeling love, and self-worth) without acknowledging Jesus as the ultimate authority and the source of all life,” he wrote in the email."

What’s wrong with that? People get compassion, kindness, feel love and self worth, and put the unevidenced archaic superstition in the bin where it belongs, it fucking works for me… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So if Jebus is the source of all life and he is also the son of god, the same god that created the universe and everything.

Does it seem their might be a power struggle going on between the father and the son and the pastor is backing the son. I would encourage Pastor Baker to remember god already booted one of his sons out of the house and look where he ended up. Lets not forget what god did when Jeb was nailed to the cross - a big nothing. Remember Pastor Baker Bum god doesn’t continence those who turn against him.

At least put out a coherent narrative for fucks sake Pastor Baker Bum. Oh and by the way leave the Easter Bunny alone.

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Bronze age mythology is as bronze age mythology does. Although I’m shocked, I’m not at all surprised.


I actually know this school and the pastor Matt Baker personally, as the school was in my area when I worked in EMS as a medic.

I’ve transported kids who were bullied violently for perceived effeminate mannerisms, and nothing was done by the school administration . . . because kids are bullied “because they want to be bullied, and if you don’t want to be bullied, then conform and get on the same sheet of music with everyone else. Nobody likes a pansy. If you want to stay a pansy, then you should be grateful for being bullied because it will be something you’ll experience the rest of your life, and we’re just getting you used to it.”

So, I transported kids with broken teeth, once with a broken jaw, anxiety attacks, broken fingers, and so forth.

I fucking hate religious schools.

Added later: Just to clarify, I knew Matt Baker after my tenure in EMS, as I occasionally volunteered in hospitals, and I’ve become acquainted with him there and through families that had their kids in Trinity. I found him to be a monster . . . although namely for the brutality expressed toward perceived “faggotry” in kids.


I also strongly suspect that Baker’s issues with autistic kids dressing up has to do with him being homophobic and transphobic, as the reason why kids turn gay (in his mind, or whatever he has that passes for a mind) is because they are recruited. Also, dressing up in costumes and funky hairstyles can “turn a child gay” because nobody is ever born gay . . . because God doesn’t make mistakes.

I get intensly angry and bitter about people like Baker because religious shit like this interferes with me providing a good standard of care when I work as a nurse and/or a paramedic.

  1. Religious hospitals get bent out of shape when I treat the gay (or lesbian) partner like a spouse.
  2. I’ve been reprimanded and sanctioned for referring homeless people to the Sikh temple for free meals (which they call langar) when I should have sent them to a church instead.
  3. Treating Wiccan clergy like any other clergy.
  4. Transporting rape victims to a hospital that I know provides the “Plan B” morning-after pill.
  5. Encouraging a highly qualified pediatric intensive care nurse (who happened to be gay) to treat a very sick child got me sanctioned, as “All gay people tend to be pedophiles.”

And so on.

This is why I wouldn’t piss in Baker’s face if his hair was on fire.

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As an interesting aside to this, Baker has said (on a few occasions, although I don’t know if it was in his sermons) that girls should not be allowed to play softball . . . because playing softball on a team can turn a girl into a lesbian.

I shit you not. See below:

Exactly, like Nazis Germany for example, all thinking and behaving the same, or else off for “political re-education” you go. Have these clowns even heard of the Hitler Youth movement I wonder, maybe they’re modelling their statement on it?

Well you learn something new every day, I always thought it was nobody likes a bully, it must be my heathen ignorance.

Briefly watched a YouTube of him out of curiosity, and I have to say seldom have I wanted to punch someone so much.

Maybe I could “kick” the fire out for him? After all he hates pansies, so he can’t complain if he gets a good old manly shoeing… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

He needs to make his mind up, does he want people more butch, or less? Perhaps a good beating from a softball bat might help him make up his mind, from a woman as well, that way he can’t complain without looking like a pansy, and he hates those. Now if I believed in any deity, I think I might pray for this nightly, but I’m an atheist so I’ll cobble some voodoo nonsense together, later though as I have to order a pizza now… :innocent:

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Thank you for the validation, and for seeing my points.

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Their level of sheer stupidity is mind numbing.

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I agree with you. 20 characters.

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It really does give meaning to that saying, “Belief is so often the death of reason.”

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