God is still great, right?

This has been a long time coming, but I finally have an update on our grand niece’s(Isa) ongoing medical issues. I told you about her a year+ ago(?) when they found out that she had a tumor on her pituitary gland that required surgery.
They managed to remove most of the tumor, but it had already destroyed most of it to the point where she now has zero function. This had left her almost completely blind, and her vision has only gotten worse. She has about 10% of her vision in one eye, and is completely blind in her other.

Her parents(our nephew) are of course heartbroken and doing everything they can to try and help her. They’re luckier than most because her family comes from old money and are loaded, so there isn’t anything stopping them from trying things most of us wouldn’t have access to.

They’ve taken her from Salt Lake City, where they live, to Stanford university hospital to see a specialist, and it isn’t looking good. There isn’t anything anyone can do(except god maybe?) to restore or improve her situation. She’s now 9 years old, has to take medication for the rest of her life, and is going to be completely blind as well.
How the fuck can you rationalize something like this to her, what possible answer is there to make her feel better after going through all of this shit? There’s still a chance the tumor could come back as well, which hasn’t been ruled out in the future yet. But god is still great, right?

My wife’s older sister, our nephew’s mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer recently, and has undergone surgery and is now going through chemotherapy. They’re pretty sure they caught it early enough to give her several more years of life, even though the chemo has had the usual effects.
During all of this, my wife and her family have been staunchly resolute in their faith(I hate that word) that this is all for a reason, and to pray daily for his fucking blessings to help them in these times.

On top of all of this, our daughter-in-law has been fighting with what they thought might be pneumonia for several days now, and ended up in the ER on Friday night after tests showed she might have a blood clot in her lungs. They admitted her for a CT scan and put in an IV for the contrast. During the test, when they injected the dye, the IV wasn’t put in properly, so it went into her arm muscle instead of her bloodstream, which was, as she said “almost as painful as childbirth”.
This made the CT scan useless, and left her with a severely swollen arm. After looking at her new blood test results, the Dr. said it was highly unlikely it was a blood clot, so they sent her home. I like what our son said, “5 1/2 hours in the ER just for fun”.

One of the things my wife actually told our son via a text thread that included myself was that she was “praying for healing before the throne”, really?
Another message was, and it’s a long one, was “the remedy for feelings of grief, feeling overwhelmed, or anger is to praise the lord for all of his goodness, dwell on his promises, and offering thanksgivings to him for his endless blessings”.

Am I missing something? What is wrong with them, or is it just me(us)? They actually truly believe that you’re supposed to be thankful for all of this fucking shit? It’s things like this that have made me consider religion to be nothing more than a crutch that people lean on during bad times, a messed up one, but still just a crutch.

Every one of us has crutches.

I’m a retired MD. I can’t imagine they messed up an IV injection of contrast media. I’ve started thousands of IV’s. With the newer type needles and plastic cannulas it’s easier than it was 50 years ago. Before injecting you look for a “flash” of blood in the hub of the needle or draw back on the syringe so you are 100% sure you are in the vein. Many persons in the lab and dialysis centers are using the “butterfly” type devices and you always know you are in the vein because the blood runs back into the tubing.

Holy shit! I was an Army Medic, and I could (literally) start an IV while riding in the back of a moving military ambulance in almost complete darkness. I am BAFFLED and find it incredibly disturbing that a trained technician in a comfortable and controlled, well-lit medical facility could not properly start a ROUTINE IV for such a standard test. Sure, I know “oopsies” can happen from time to time during medical procedures. But with something like that, I find it very difficult to excuse. IV equipment and procedures are damn near foolproof nowadays. Hell, even now, after all these years, I could probably teach a ten year old how to start an IV. It’s sad, but I lose more and more faith in our medical industry with each passing day. (Yes, I did say “INDUSTRY”.)

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…aaaaand I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. Your health “services” are not services as such, but for-profit health businesses designed to make money. Combined with greedy for-profit insurance industry, a lack of regulation on the medical industry, and (it seems to me) a lack of understanding among the population as to how insurance is really intended to work(*), this results in…well…whatever you’ve got over there. Sure, if you can pay for it, you can get an excellent product. But it’s certainly not health services delivered to the masses, the population at large.

(*) Pay into a large common pool, in which you can (if the insurance company approves) withdraw the appropriate amount for treatment, when needed. I might have gotten this wrong, but I get the impression that many people do not understand the concept, and think their “treatment dollars” come directly from the amount they are paying to the insurance company.


I’ve had those “butterfly” IV’s used on me, so I’d agree with you, but I’m just telling you what our son said happened while they were in the ER. Maybe they used a separate line for the contrast that wasn’t done properly?
3 days later she’s feeling better, they think it’s bronchitis brought on by covid.

Either way, our grand niece is royally fucked, god or no god. These situations are one of the many reasons I fucking hate organized religion. It makes friends/family think and talk like morons.

So, was she not vaccinated?

No, our son and his wife had the vaccine when this first started being made available, but all of them, including our older granddaughters, have all had covid multiple times in the past 4 years.
Every time there’s a new strain, they always seem to catch it. Our daughter-in-law had it again the week before this all happened, and it developed into bronchitis.

My wife and I both got the 2 dose vaccine when it was available at our doctor’s office in mid '21 IIRC. It still didn’t stop both of us from coming down with it in December of '22.

It’s important to stay up to date with them. Viruses drift and shift. That’s why there is a new flu shot every year. There was an updated Covid vaccine available as of last Autumn.

Being vaccinated is no guarantee you won’t get it. I’ve had Covid twice. The first time was some time after the second dose. I suspect I got it much more lightly than I would have without the vaccinations. The second time was about half a year ago. This time, the symptoms were like a common cold from hell.


That’s correct, but those vaccines can keep it from putting you in the hospital or killing you.

I assume that most people who get Covid, whether they’re vaccinated or not, get it because they don’t practice social distancing, don’t wash their hands, or don’t follow the other protocols that help avoid infections.

Being an introvert has helped me avoid covid, the flu, and even the common cold as I’ve been practicing social distancing for decades. The last time I had a cold was in 1996.

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Or they have kids in school. Or are just unlucky. Or just pick up respiratory tract infections very easily, like I do.

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Did they pray for god to guide their hand before inserting the IV? If not then there you go. If they did then it was part of gods plan. That teflon fucker is in the clear both ways. Very sorry for you and your family.

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Yeah, our son posted a photo of his wife’s arm last night in a text, it’s still a little swollen and really bruised.
They’re planning on talking to someone at the hospital about what happened and contesting any medical bills for the procedure.