God by-and-far only likes old/middle-aged white men

We have a turn-over in our parliament so the goodbyes were given. One MP did not have kind departing words.

Whew!!! Thank god I’m white with no facial tattoos.
Nunavut??? Who gives a fuck about Nunavut? Population about 34,000 and Inuit make up about 28,000 (2011, last stats were in 2016 but it only increased about 2,000, so no one’s counting anymore, eh). It’s a Territory! Stop bitching…at least you get to walk through the halls (who represents Puerto Rico :puerto_rico:).

SO what if you’re constantly harassed by security??? Jesus fuckin’Christ YOU DON’T FIT THE PART

You need to “fit” visually to be regarded as having any say or authority or be taken seriously!

Man!!! This is what happens when a fuckin’ heathen population isn’t re-educated!

So Whitey - what does this have to do with god loving old white men?

Hmmm :thinking: “natural authority figures”


Mormon Governing Body

Evangelicals do include women and blacks more often BUT they also have a new Messiah! And they’re really stooopid and extremely gullible …

Maybe that’s why god was mad at tRump and didn’t give him the physical election. Not enough white old guys.

OUR accepted idea of “authority” figures - people with influence, “intelligence”, control are taught to us from infancy. Not talking family structures - talking about the visual messages day in and out of leaders in politics, religion and business

Outside of this??? Lol…snowballs chance in hell of getting real visual coverage in the day-to-day narrative.

Narrative is sarcasm (you figure it out) and yes, I love the old white guys too :smirk:

EDITED- yes, I’m leaving out the upgraded Allah who has a thing for old middle aged brown men :sunglasses:

Yeah, I saw that this morning. Poor dear is very upset. On which planet is she living? Her position is pretty much the existential position of indigenous Australians .Sadly, passing laws does not fix complex social issues such as systemic racism.