Giuliani judge’s decision to disbarr

For those interested, the court document :page_facing_up: laying out in full detail his disbarment.

Lie after
Lie after lie…

Good riddance.


A really satisfying schadenfreud read.
It’s astounding and reassuring to see Rudy’s lies dissected and exposed in such thorough detail and at the same time breathtaking in the audacity of his dishonesty.

In short, Rudy’s claims include, but are not limited to, thousands of dead people, most notably Joe Frazier who has not been recorded as having voted since he died in 2011, millions of illegal immigrants, thousands upon thousands of underaged youngsters, and tens of thousands of incarcerated felons all voted illegally in the 2020 elections against his client Mr. Donald Trump without a single piece of corroborating evidence to support such claims.
He has still not presented any of the hundreds of thousands of affidavits he claimed he possessed and has zero verifiable references for any of the outlandish claims made and most can only best be described as third party opinions and hearsays from anonymous ‘bloggers’, and unidentified persons described as ‘experts’.

The claims of the Venezuelan-Chavez-Soros connections to the Dominion voting machines were passed over as that company have taken legal action against him already.
It’s like Rudy thought he could just say anything and claim he didn’t know any of it was untrue and he’d be believed because he is a famous lawyer and his name is Rudy Guiliani, the once celebrated mayor of New York, defence lawyer to ex-presidents, promoter of runny hair dye.
Instead, for perpetuating Trump’s lie about the 2020 election he has been declared an “Immediate Threat to the Public Interest” (page 26) and is facing total disbarment to practising law in the US.
And Trump has still not paid him.

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They released the Kraken- oops :grimacing: mythological made-up monster.

Like their claims.

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This is how he treats his friends and supporters.

The blind loyalty of Trump sycophants to his corrupt agenda is astounding. Not only is the loyalty never reciprocated and he’ll throw you under the bus without a look back, he expects you to take a running start and throw yourself under.
Trump loyalist either won’t see the evidence against the blatant election fraud lies, or will hear some made up spin on it and believe that. The Republicans are white washing the attack on the capitol at every opportunity, with one republican congressman comparing the violent insurrection to tourist visiting the capitol.

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Yair. I hope Guliani is just one of many ten pins which fall. I got the impression that the suspension will probably lead to him being disbarred.


Off Topic; I read that Derek Chauvin has been sentenced to 21 years for the murder of George Floyd.

Don’t know how it works in the US. Here a person is sentenced to prison with a non parole period (if applicable) The non parole period is usually reduced by a further 1/3 . Here Chauvin would probably serve less than a decade.

Given he stated he could only lose the election if there was cheating, and before a single vote was cast. That is hardly Machiavellian manipulation.

What’s astounding is he really ought to have been censured for that comment. Never mind his treasonous behaviour afterward.

“‘I might as well be in Iran or east Germany’”

It appears old Rudy is doubling down in his rhetoric. Which poses a couple of questions.

  1. When did politicians caught in wrongdoing, stop throwing themeselves on the mercy of the public, while crying like a disgraced televangelist?

  2. Does Rudy not know the Berlin wall has gone? Or that east Germany hasn’t been a police state in decades?

Don’t forget his being spoofed by Borat.

And let us not forget that Dominion Voting machines has a $1.3 BILLION lawsuit against him.


Giuliani has managed to re-create his career and mind into an Onion article.

At one time, reading rags like the Enquirer was a secret, guilty pleasure. NOWADAYS it is touted as truth up there :point_up_2:t2: with followers as devoted as those finding truth in holy books.