Get your super effective Shroud of Turin medical miracle in a box right here

Is it just me and my YouTube viewing habits or is everyone getting hits from a shonky advertising firm that is peddling some super-duper God-guaranteed miracle medical cure made from extracts from the Shroud of Turin or something.

They have various versions of the commercial including startling revelations that the US Government has spent big big big money trying to secure secret stocks of this little miracle thingy, something no administration has ever done before ever and another on how Adolf Hitler lost WW2 after diverting precious resources trying to track it down or some such bullshit.

The thing is this shit will cure ANYTHING!! I don’t even have to read the label to know that you simply have to have faith it will work and the providers are so sure it will work that there is no 30-day money-back guarantee.

It’s bad enough the usual suspects still peddle still living trans substantiated wafer samples and flatly insist that there are three or four churches in the world, one at least being a mosque, that each holds the severed right hand of John the Baptist, the one he baptised Jesus with. It was an important hand so God gave him three.

But now we also have commercialized miracle products…just follow the directions…or the product fails…all liability is yours…the mug punters don’t deserve consumer protection they just deserve a better education.

So what other miraculous claims we got out there to stupefy the poor atheist into belief? And they dare wonder why we do not believe any of their shit?

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I’m not …BUT I think :thinking: I’ll whip up some homemade miracle, homeopathic cure. A rural witch :woman_mage: non-gmo medical :hospital: miracle may just help pad the old retirement and get the boys thru university.

I haven’t seen this particular ad, but the scam and con type ads on YouTube is stupefying. My personal favorite for the sheer audacity is one for a magic bracelet that will give you a charmed life. A woman, using a most reasonable tone of voice, credits this bracelet with her getting a well paying dream job and perfect family, and how when she lost the bangle her life fell completely apart. Only by getting a new bracelet was her blessed life restored. I don’t know how getting an ad on YouTube works, but there must be some vetting process. What level of greed do you have to have to allow such an ad on your site, let alone to be the one that sells such a thing to the terminally gullible?

Religion would not have traction if it did not promise something. For most, it is the miracles.

I hate the YouTube algorithms. I watch a lot of athiest versus theist debates, and since they are labelled as “religious”, now I get too much advertising from religious groups.

Probably. I have never had them. Right now I get history, dashcam clips and cooking.

If I get anything i don’t like, I use the Youtube ‘not interested function’. Yesterday if was used to get ride of an obnoxious comedian doing his stand up. (Bill Burr)


My favorite religious scam artist has to be Peter Popoff. His scam is so transparent and so obvious . . . that I’m tempted to say that anyone who is stupid enough to send money to this jackass deserves to be taken.

He has been busted–on multiple occasions–with covert radio equipment and concealed radio ear pieces . . . with his wife feeding him details that she ascertained by binoculars and clandestine, last-minute intelligence-gathering with compatriots dictating–by radio–the contents of the prayer cards and questionaires that were gathered from the audience.

He has been exposed by Joe Nickell, James “The Amazing” Randi, and–I believe–Benjamin Radford.

He doesn’t even seem to have enough imagination to figure out a different take on the holy man business . . . which surprises me, as it seems like a reasonably creative person could find endless, subtle ways of making a buck off of superstitious, gullible people.

Why should he change? He has a scam that works, despite being exposed as a fraud.

There’s a sucker born every minute.

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Yeah, I’m fond of him too. People still believe in him even though he’s been debunked.

Hindu Indians probably take the biscuit for gullibility. There was the blatant fraud who died recently, Sai Baba. Using simple sleight of hand, he would cause objects to form out of thin air. Gold watches for rich followers, flowers for poor ones.

Arguably the most outstanding was the gentle fraud Paramahansa Yogananda.

I read his book “Autobigraphy Of A Yogi” several times during the early 1970’s. I eventually formed the opinion that the man was a genuine, pious dupe. Began to smell a rat when I learned he lied about the caste to which he belonged. His followers claimed his body did not decay after his death.

PS: I was taught Kriya Yoga; imo it’s wankery of the first order, as with all types of Yoga which focus on the mystical.

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Where the hell is that?! I would dearly love to know. I always thought there was some sort of ‘stop pestering me’ button somewhere. Theres a particularly annoying correspondent whose political presentations I consider so petty and bitchy I have learned to loathe his face when it rises up to greet me on opening YouTube with another vapid so called ‘hard hitting news story’. He even makes me feel a little nauseous. He is either my special brand of morning sickness or I am pregnant.

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When watching something you press lightly on the enter button on the selected clip. A drop down menu should appear. Choose not interested.

Have a look at the video below.

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