Genes And Phenotype: Insights From Goldfish

Some time ago, I mentioned that I had acquired a very interesting scientific paper, covering the work that has been performed identifying the genes associated with various phenotypes in domesticated fancy goldfish. Health issues and other matters distracted me from completing an exposition thereof, but this has now been completed (another substantial outing into the world of Google Docs). Again, the document is available to be viewed here.

Be prepared, it’s another long read, an 8,000 word exposition on the topic that includes a wealth of direct quotes from the cited scientific paper, along with explanations of what the authors found accompanying each quote. This is getting on for six hours’ work - four in Miicrosoft Word, then another two fettling it in Google Docs.

If you do find any errors in my own text (as opposed to the verbatim quotes from the paper), let me know.

Once again, scientists have alighted upon, and answered, questions that mythology fanboys never knew existed. Including the ones who think they’re in a position to dismiss Nobel calibre science, because it desn’t genuflect before the diseased imaginings of Bronze Age livestock herders.