Freedom part 2 What laws should country’s enact? Russia is off the deep end 🤯

IF this was proposed in Canada :canada: after the Trucker’s Convoy, a bill that would:

  • grant civil immunity to people who decide to drive their cars into protesters who are blocking a road
  • penalize local governments that interfere with efforts to stop riots (RCMP)
  • prevents people accused of rioting from being bailed out of jail until after their first court appearance
  • makes it a second-degree felony to destroy a plaque, memorial, painting, flag, or other structure commemorating historical people or events (like, say, The War Memorial or Terry Fox). That would make such actions punishable by up to a decade in prison.
  • makes blocking a highway a felony offense and say…
  • new felony crime of “aggravated rioting” that carries a sentence of up to 15 years in prison and a new crime of “mob intimidation.”

Good idea? Just curious…

Edited to add: at first I added this to the Freedom thread, but then decided it needed its own thread

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Do you agree or criticize???

Seriously. :flushed: All or none…some???

This thought exercise is not my personal opinion on the “proposed” bill - NOR is it being tabled in Canada.

The first proposition is not favourable. Means any psycho can run down anyone they can later claim were thought to be protesters and not participants in a legitimate march or something. Replace it with some jail time (several months and a stiff fine) for excessive use of radios, horns or klaxons without reasonable cause (especially at night).
Include a clause outlawing “acting like a dickhead in public” with a life sentence of menial community service, a punitive non-negotiable fine based on income and public advertising, names and photos, on public media sites, billboards and local papers, of those found guilty of anti social activities and you’d be on a winner.
And they would still be ranting about inroads against their Freedoms ffs.

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Thanks my smilingbirdfood.

I do shit like this with my boys- just to see how they can approach these types of proposals by government.

My opinion:

  • no fucking way - licence to kill???
  • depends on the police force…eg. are they remaining apolitical???
  • what about people scooped up that weren’t apart of the protest? Bail holdings is its own separate issue tied with the legal system.
  • a decade in prison??? For vandalism? Enforce laws against property damage…have some property protected as “nation’s” (doesn’t this already exist - I’d have to check)
  • blockades are different than blocking…. Blockades can be a national security risk - blocking??? Tow trucks…
  • hmmm :thinking: interesting wording eh? If group wearing KKK outfits? Red hats? Orange t-shirts??? Is “mob intimidation” subjective? How does the messaging (hate/violence) play into the intent of the “mob”?


  1. Would not be a license to kill, civil immunity does not mean your immune from criminal prosecution.

You’re right - oops :grimacing: thanks :+1:

Kuwait :kuwait:

Meanwhile in Idaho (Bill 675. It passed by a vote of 55-13.) providing gender affirming care to trans teens a felony with a life sentence
Worse… it makes leaving the state with your trans teen to move elsewhere and provide them with care a felony as well.

How does the freedom feel?

It makes my lizard brain scream to me to run to the “atheist closet” and bar the door (it tells me being openly atheist might be extra dangerous in the near future); because it believes a storm might be coming…

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How’s this for chilling … (Oral Roberts University)


I just came across an article on this subject today.

I may find it difficult to stop throwing up today after reading the reasoning of Rep. Bruce Skaug, the bill’s introductor, who “believes that sometimes children with gender dysphoria “grow out” of it, comparing the issue to children who grow out of disorders such as anorexia.”

Apart from guns and a free press can anyone tell me the difference between the nazification of some states in the US and the homophobic regime in Moscow and Belarus?

What the fuck is happening to Florida???

Quote: he came under pressure from some Republicans to do a full-blown audit of the 2020 election even though former President Donald Trump had little trouble winning Florida and there were no widespread issues with fraudulent voting.

Oh. Never mind.

But seriously :flushed: DO they understand-even in the smallest measure- what they have done???

Jesus fuckin’Christ…. I thought this was an onion or satire SO I had to look it up!!!

…jail sentences for teachers or librarians who disseminate “material harmful to minors.”

666!!! Any fuckin’ Christian worth their salt :salt: should be fucking freaking out :wink:

A decade in prison may be too much, perhaps.

I found this point humorous coming from British Colombia. Of course, a horrible mass grave at a First Nations residential school in Kamloops rocked the country last summer. Together with more unmarked burial sites in Saskatchewan detected in later months.

Of course, retaliation was to be expected. The target? The Catholic Church who ran the residential schools up until the mid nineties.

But not only the Catholic Church. Anything, in fact, that reminded anyone of our so called Colonialist roots.

That applies to numerous statues in our Province’s Capital - Victoria B.C.

Statues of Captain Vancouver and Queen Victoria were toppled. Not only by angry members of First Nation’s groups. But also those (ironically) who were descended from Colonialists but somehow identified with the cause.

As far as I know, the jury was hung on what (if anything) should be done for toppling these symbols of Colonialism. Most recently “Gassy Jack” was toppled by a group of people in Gastown, Vancouver.

So there’s a weird hypocrisy among those who see pissing on the tomb of the unknown soldier a definite offence to all Canadians - given, especially, that it was done by gun toting, confederate flag waiving truck convoy supporters.

However the destruction of public property goes under the radar when the property itself is either a symbol of Colonialism and/or perpetrated by those who suffered “atrocities” under the Canadian Government. Take Laurier off the five dollar bill for example. Those true atrocities were perpetrated in the name of the Abrahamic God (along with Jesus H. Christ) by the Catholic Church. Their express purpose was to convert them to the love of our Lord and Saviour. But not everyone who landed on this Continent all of those years ago would have agreed.

Burn down all the Catholic Churches you like. I couldn’t give a damn and maybe your motives are justified.

But Captain Vancouver or Queen Victoria? Don’t be surprised when the Colonialists turn around and set fire to Totem Poles placed in the heart of the city as symbols of First Nations history and culture (and this is exactly what happened in Victoria British Colombia).

The destruction of public art is a crime regardless of what it stands for or who it is that feels entitled to destroy it.

Like I said. Burn down every Catholic Church in Canada. We’d be better for it. Blow up Nazi symbols. Or any other symbol of hate. I’m on board! I’ll help you do it.

But Captain Vancouver and Queen Victoria are not symbols of hate simply because they sought to enlarge their territories or landed on this continent a few hundred years ago and claimed it as their own.

I didn’t commission the Catholic Church to take First Nation children away from their homes, deprive them of their language, or physically, emotionally, or sexually abuse them. That was the Church.

That wasn’t me, my father, my mother. That wasn’t Terry Fox. That wasn’t Queen Victoria or Captian Vancouver either.

Maybe it WAS Gassy Jack. Maybe that statue really had it coming. But there are legal ways to go about removing symbols of oppression. Destruction of public property is a crime is a crime is a crime.

FYI - my OP was based on a law enacted in (drumroll please) FLORIDA (DeSantis) initiated by: (eye roll please :roll_eyes:)

“This comes after the Tallahassee Police Department arrested 19 protesters near the state Capitol in the summer of 2020. The protesters had marched to fight police brutality and injustices that arose from the killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other Black individuals who lost their lives at the hands of police.”

:rotating_light: PLEASE consider the double standard :rotating_light:

It is of course on the docket along with other Florida laws: Florida legal issues courts will have to deal with in 2022 |

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New Canadian Law: any trucker that participates in a “Freedom Convoy” is committed to a true freedom convoy, hauling equipment into the Ukraine.

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It’s 4am. Needed a bit of a break mentally. Found this - worth the watch.

That slice of comedy was a fine start to my day. On a related note…

For a protest movement that’s been taken less seriously with each passing mile, this is an entirely fitting representation of it’s death throes, IMHO.