Freedom of ... hmmmm, equality


Lovely. I’m not a Twitter person, but every so often a tweet gets my attention. Btw, 42k followers and 99 following (not sure what this means).

Yup! Let all the imaginary morality “make their voices heard” when it comes to equality. Wouldn’t want there to be a society that values equally all people (otherwise this dipshit would be out of a job)…

Separation of state and religion.

Oh and these religious corporations that are in fact, businesses? It’s about time they paid taxes and contributed to society in a meaningful way, especially since they feel a need to direct how society “should” be from the pulpit.

LOL! The “root” of racism is ATHEISM…

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OMG :flushed:. … is Biden Catholic? Is Biden a Democratic?

Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

From Wiki …Equality Act (United States) - Wikipedia

The Equality Act is a bill in the United States Congress, that, if passed, would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (including titles II, III, IV, VI, VII, and IX) to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, public accommodations, education, federally funded programs, credit, and jury service.

Uh huh, and the roman catholic church opposes this? They used to revel in burning gays at the stake (ever wonder why one derogatory term for gays is “faggots”?). Now they must actually treat LGBTQIA+ as equals?

I wish I could witness the first time a gaggle of dolled-up transvestites sashay down the aisle of a roman catholic church and sit down for a service.

You’d think they’d understand, given the dresses, hats, jewelry…


I’d love for him to get there. Get rid of “atheism” and all the racism goes away.

Not a problem! Demonstrable evidence, please…

I don’t think churches are considered a public accommodation (in the USA anyway).

When atheist are on the receiving end of such attacks, to me that indicates that religion knows they are declining under the hard questions us atheists are now asking.

I was thinking of that, but there will be some who will dress up and go into churches. And how will the churches respond? Hire private security to check everyone at the door? To bar or inhibit what are traditionally open doors for all seeking god or refuge?

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The elites. Lol.

It’s a wonder. The schools (Ivy League). The colonization. The history of slavery and exploitation. The backing of the church :church: hand in hand.

But ensure you don’t think of any of this as racist.

…some of our best friends are…(uh, actually, no they’re not).

I am prejudiced. Even after many years of attempting to shake off the decades of white supremacy I was indoctrinated into, I recognize that I am imperfect human being, not some shining example of virtue and integrity. IMO we all carry anti social crap in our heads, and if we are not honest enough to admit it to ourselves and the world, then we are hypocrites.

The path to healing and rehabilitating requires getting past the denial and facing the harsh, and often uncomfortable, truth.

IMO anyone stating "I am not racist"is not just waving a red flag, they are firing off flares.

AMEN Sister.

These religious fuckwits have demonstrated over many years that their own flock are more equal than any others. Although they occasionally patronise us, Atheists remain beyond the pale.,

EG Pope Francis said not long ago that even atheists will go to heaven if they’ve lived moral lives. And he’s off again with that conditional love shit.-----God is either infinitely merciful or he is not.


In England, at least, I think homosexuals were hanged rather than burned. Burning was for heretics’.

How kind of the church and civil authorities let them get away with slow strangulation rather than being roasted alive.

I remember the word “faggot” as derogatory slang for an old woman when I was a kid. A fag also meant a cigarette.

It’s possible the modern meaning of “fag” and “faggot” is linked to the custom of fagging in English public schools, whereby junior boys were used as servants or worse by older boys (“bullying and buggery” according to Winston Churchill).

If I say owned a building and rented apartments, or a business to hire someone…
Sorry - credit check, references, resume.
I don’t give a fuck if you’re a purple, pious pixie. For me, can you do the job or pay the rent is all I care about.

Oh and damage deposit - you may be a purple, pious pixie that likes to throw a party.

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I love that an organization full of child molesters and the people who cover up for them thinks atheist are the threat. It would be virtually impossible to be high in the Catholic church and not, at the very least, to have knowledge of the corruption. They need to clean up their own backyard.

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I Australia we have “Gang” Legislation which allows the authorities to strip criminal organizations of funding. To prevent members of such an organisation from associating, soliciting funds etc. Owning real estate etc etc.

It has NEVER been applied to any religious organization, despite the Catholic church Prima Facie being an ideal candidate.

Further no member of the clergy (to my knowledge) has been served with a routine “No Association Notice” routinely given to accused and convicted sex offenders, drug dealers, members of gangs etc.

Despite their crimes even after conviction they are allowed to associate with known members of the group.

The authorities seem very reluctant to apply the law EQUALLY to all citizens and organisations. .


Such morality!!! It takes a secular government saying “hey! You’ll lose your CHARITABLE status and have to pay taxes” for these assholes to ACKNOWLEDGE and COMPENSATE victims because of their fucked up policy!!!

I love :two_hearts: (dripping sarcasm) religious morality.

Seriously, what the fuck???

want to know something funny
As a JW, it is a great honour to actually study with someone and have them progress to the point of baptism. I use to pray that Jehovah would bless me with this privilege and lead me to his sheep :sheep:.
NOT ONE nobody progressed to baptism with me!!! Thank fucking god. At least my “conscience” (lol) is clear of recruiting successfully another cult member. However I enjoyed many years of waking you up and/or coveting the smell of bacon and sounds of normal Saturday mornings for worldly people.

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He doesn’t explain how equality is “a threat to their faith”?

Is it because there will be no one left for them to persecute, with religious bigotry, in the here and now?

I’ll never understand why people who believe they will live an eternity of bliss in just a few decades, have to fucking piss and moan about who consenting adults choose to have sex with in the brief life on this planet.

If god doesn’t like it then god can punish us all when we die, so wind your fucking neck in.

FYI, next time a theist pretends they’re baffled why atheists care what theists believe, link that bigoted clowns hate spreading nonsense.

How he must yearn for a simpler time, when bishops and the church could torture and murder people their hateful bible singles out.

Ah the inquisition, no racism then obviously, no atheists stirring up trouble either…

What a cunt…

Texas - has no protections and has sodomy laws.

Texas needs to keep their “religious” government noses out of the bedrooms, and out of the personal lives of their citizens. The only thing that a government should concern itself with is ensuring there is equal opportunity for all people for all means of living. Too bad they aren’t as fervent for human rights as they are for gun ownership.


They’re also too busy regulating uteruses and the rights of people who haven’t actually been born to concern themselves with the rights of living, breathing human beings.