FREE EBOOK! pop-up

I’ve given my email for the free ebook many times (and received it), but the pop-up keeps coming back. It usually pops up 2-3 times when I’m navigating the site.

Is this is default behavior or is is supposed to stop popping up?

If this is the default behavior, then I have to warn you guys that this will affect user retention.

It’s already making my trips here to be annoying.

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My experience has been it goes away eventually.

The popups are configured to show only once a month except one which is shown every 10 days. Have you tried clearing the cookies and caches from your browser?

Sounds like a trojan or a pup at the very least

Windows? If so perhaps have a look on your Local disc C drive (C:) Programme files (x86). If it’s there it can be safely deleted as far as I know.

It seems to be better now.

But wouldn’t I want to keep the cookies so they could track that I was on the site once a month or once every 10 days? If I deleted the cookies after each session, then it would interpret me as a new user every time. Seems best to keep the cookies to avoid spamming the ebook.

Deleting program files? Why?

I guess I was unclear.

I’m referring to remnants after one has removed a programme, perhaps using CCleaner or something similar. Some programs leave bits which can for example cause pups.

Recently I installed programme called iObit. Wasn’t what I wanted so I uninstalled it using CCleaner. Ads kept popping up, even though the app no longer showed in the lists of programmes. It had become malware to me.

On advice from my nerdy mate, I went into Local Disc (C:) Program files (X86) and there it still was. SO I deleted it. I am not advocating simply to delete an unwanted file. The action I took was to manually delete remnants which are often left after a programme has been uninstalled.

Sorry for the confusion.

I wanted you to delete them only once not after every session. Incase some wrong values may have been set in cookies.