[Free eBook] Discovery, Knowledge And Extremism - Why I renounced religion (Islam)

Hi everyone…
I’m an Arabian ex-Muslim.
Let me present to you a book I’ve written about the reasons why I renounced religion, which took much time for research, care of details and quality of content.

Discovery, Knowledge And Extremism

It is a translation. The original book is in Arabic. It’s 100 small pages. Here’s a part of the introduction:

Criticism… is the friend of belief. Your friend is one who says what is right, not who says you are right; rather they are a pair that cannot be separated unless the balance of truth is disturbed. Religion is belief; and belief is ideas. No idea should be excluded from criticism and skepticism, with full respect for its believers and any noble value ​​it may contain.
And despite the ban imposed by some governments, criticism of religions is useful, important, even necessary; in order to see the truth as truth so we follow it, and to see falseness as falseness so we avoid it, and for the sake of having the empowerment by rightness substitute the rightfulness by power.

This book is a means of defence, not offence; as the main purpose of it is to record and explain the reasons that pushed me to leave the religion, (there isn’t any personal reason in them; rather they’re information that was not available to us previously,) and to prove that the irreligionist… left falseness for the sake of becoming on the right path to truth.


.1 Clear & Plain … Easy To explain
2. The Me’raj … & A Mirage
3. The Scholars’ Structure … On Basis With Fracture
4. Prayer, Fasting … & Facts That Sting
5. Embryo Formation … & Misinformation
6. Clear The Pollution … See The Evolution
7. Miscellaneous
8. Conclusion … It’s A Delusion
9. A Revised Improved Version
10. The Old Tale … Grew A Tail
11. Researchers Slam … The Heresy Of Islam
12. What Was The Motive? … Gains Were Attractive
13. Legalization Of Discrimination
14. With Allah’s Will … They Torture & Kill
15. When The Cruel … Seek To Rule
16. Things Shall Stay … Our Fathers’ Way
17. Final Word … If You Heard


How did we get on the free book list?

This sounds a tiny bit despotic to me.

Freeing oneself from religion is good but replacing religion with authoritarian rule is not.

Perhaps I misinterpreted what was written. If that’s the case my most humble apologies.

Yeah. Irritating ain’t it.

Is it just me or does this bloke sound suspiciously like the other one one with his slavery and Islam?
Certainly has the same flavour and scholarly standard. :face_with_monocle:

One of the flaws in the internet; it makes self publishing a doddle, so nutters come out of the woodwork

If you read the book you’ll find it totally against authoritarianism.
What I meant by “empowerment by rightness” is that we as persons become empowered by rightness, i.e. knowing and aware of realities, and no longer enslaved by false beliefs. This empowerment will hopefully replace the “rightfulness by power” which some political and religious authorities have (by manipulating media and schools, etc.).

Cognostic, boomer47
I don’t know what you two mean. But I’m not a nutter. If I were, then you are too. :roll_eyes:

Oh well fuck! Come back of the year. I just feel destroyed! I’m leaving this site for good and I am dragging boomer with me. Fuck all of you!


‘A nutter’ is a colloquial expression meaning a person who is mentally ill. Of course I’m not a doctor, so have no idea if you are ill or not. For all I know you may just be just another angry autodidact writing yet another paranoid polemic. My apologies if I upset your sensibilities.

I’m curious to discover how you can accuse me of possessing a quality/flaw/illness when you don’t know to what I refer.

Oh, a classic symptom of mental illness is a complete lack of insight by the sufferer. That is to say, the mentally ill person is unaware he is mentally ill. It’s a bit of a worry that you deem it necessary to deny you are mentally ill. Nobody else here has, and we have some doozies.—EG we have a bloke here who enjoys hurling his poo about and shoving bananas up his arse. l think you’ll fit right in… :innocent:

I know what “nutter” means. I don’t know what you mean by the other part of your 1st reply.

I’m not angry or paranoid. I’m simply using what I’ve learned to contribute and help others.

Why the accusations and hostility toward another fellow atheist? :unamused:

That makes you a rescuer looking for a victim. No victims around here. You want to enter a pathological double bind relationship, try a Christian dating site, an AA meeting, or a Church. Anyplace where people do not want to take responsibility for their own actions and need the kind of help you are pretending to offer. Or you can help me and just give me $50.000 so I don’t have to borrow it from the bank.

An atheist is simply a person who does not believe in gods. Nothing else whatsoever is implied or may be inferred. “As a fellow atheist” I owe you nothing.

I accuse you of what is evident to me. I am interested in learned works, but have no interest in paranoid opinions (polemics) masquerading as scholarly works. That is how I see your little book and why I afford it no respect.

My criticism is of your book, not you personally. I don’t know you. For all I know you are thoroughly nice, sane chap in real life,.


Definition of polemical

1 : of, relating to, or being a polemic : CONTROVERSIAL

2 : engaged in or addicted to polemics : DISPUTATIOUS



UK /lɜːnd/ /lɜːnt/ /ˈlɜː.nɪd/ US /lɝːnd/ /lɝːnt/ /ˈlɝː.nɪd/

learned adjective (EDUCATED)

formal UK /ˈlɜː.nɪd/ US /ˈlɝː-/

A learned person has studied for a long time and has a lot of knowledge:

a learned professor

If no one contributed and helped others with information, then no one would have known that their religion is false, and they’d remain ignorant. I’m very grateful to the other atheists and ex-Muslims who helped me with their efforts in the past, and I think these efforts shall continue thru me and all those who can help in this regard, so that the information reaches more people.

Although it’s your right and everyone’s right to write their opinion and criticism, yet in order for it to have any value, it should be specific toward certain points. General accusations about a book and its author is prejudice.

Wrong! If no one helped themselves to the information that was out there, then no one would have known that their religion or religious ideas were false and they would remain ignorant concerning those ideas. The responsibility is theirs, not yours.

You can be grateful to other atheists for their efforts and I am sure their efforts will continue as well. Their efforts continue because they enjoy doing this sort of stuff. Whether or not you open your eyes and take advantage of anything being said is completely up to you. NO ONE IS HOLDING YOUR HAND.

You help yourself. The information does not reach people. People reach the information when enough of us put it out there. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”
[Lao Tzu]

“Helping” creates a pathological double bind in which the person you are helping is never “whole, complete, or capable.”

I help you: I am in the position of power with the ability to help you. You need my help. You are less than me. This is the message the Christian gives you when they tell you they are trying to save you from hell. It’s bullshit, It requires a helper and a person in need of help. If the person is helped, they are never a whole and complete person by virtue of their reliance on help from another. They fail to be whole, complete and capable without help.

I don’t help you: You try to help but fail. The person remains “ignorant, lost. and incapable of being whole and complete.” The helper has set the perceived person in need of help, up for failure. He or she is a failure if they accept the help and a failure if they reject the help. (Basic Psych 101)

This is a pathological double bind. Whether the person is “Helped or not helped” they are not respected as whole and complete and capable of existing in the world without help. "

Next… You are not doing anything new, fantastic, outstanding or amazingly different than anyone who came before you. You have NO NEW INFORMATION. Holding yourself up as a “helper” is disingenuous in the least. All you are doing is repeating things you have learned to others. It is not your responsibility to “help” them. It is their responsibility to live their life the way they want to live their life.

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I read a portion of your book.

I think I know what you are trying to do and I think your efforts are honorable and sincere. It’s clear that you see many faults and misinformation as written in the Quran and the Christian bible. We are aware of many things you have discovered.

Instead of writing about your struggles with religion try reading a little more about how one lives a life free of religious faith. Read about others that have given up faith. You need to focus on your needs rather than trying to help others. You should not be writing books just yet. Give yourself time to rediscover your new identity. Read more and ask questions.

Hope this helps.

Please guys, don’t make a big deal of a “book”. The way I see it, a book is just a format. Instead of posting my thoughts in a website, I chose to style them in a book format, for the purpose of integration (thoughts supporting each other in wholeness) and portability.

Also, it is meant for the followers of Islam and the Abrahamic religions. So the atheists who are not interested can simply ignore it. :sunflower:

Ok I tried to be gentle with my last comment but you can’t take a hint.

Your book is shit. It quotes page after page of the Quran with comments that the scripture might be garbage. Do you think your the first genius to discover this?

Based on your English skills here I suspect much of the book was plagiarized as well. You don’t have a book to show anyone, your work only demonstrates you can copy and paste.

My concept of “help” is simpler than yours. We all need help sometimes one way or another. When someone told you something interesting you didn’t know, they helped you.

This is what I mean by helping.

I’ve never said it’s new information. It’s information I researched then prepared with my comments and composition.
This is useful when I engage in a discussion, so that others see that I know what I’m talking about, as I spent a very long time researching it.

The main purpose of the book is to defend my position as an ex-Muslim atheist.
Also there is a special need to help Muslims. Because they tend to impose their belief on us, and harm those who disagree with it.
In Islamic countries, they control people’s personal lives and enforce rules against human rights and prohibit freedom of belief.
Thus we have to do what we can to bring more people on our side.

And copied what other people have said. You are not helping. And by asserting you are helping, you are merely stroking your own ego. Give it a rest!

NO! We certainly do not! Leave the fucking witnessing to the theists. They appreciate your confrontations, knocking on doors, and bullshit as much as you appreciate theirs. After all, they are only trying to help you and save your soul when they come at you with the “Truth of your evil ways.” Give it a break. Stop trying to help. It’s dishonest. You are trying to convert. You are lying to them and lying to yourself.

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More prejudice. I’m not new to irreligion. It’s been years since I left religion and started writing. I’ve self-published my writings so that I get done with this thing and get it out of my mind.