Fraudster priest endorsing overthrowing US election - warn everyone

I monitor e-mails from this guy. He is on record as embezzling funds. He had branched out into election fraud and trying to overthrow the US government. Help spread the warning TO TRY TO STOP THIS CROOK FROM TRYING TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT. SEE BELOW FOR A QUOTE FROM THE E-MAIL…

As you know, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate the presidential election results in four states – Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan.

The lawsuit points out that the defendant states illegally changed their election laws and asks the Court to overturn certifications for Joe Biden in those states.

The Court could take action literally any minute, and it might have done so even before you read this.

If the Court has not yet announced that it will hear the case, or made a decision, I am asking you to be in touch with the attorney general of your state if he or she has not yet supported this effort. Many state attorneys general already have, in one way or another – as of this writing Missouri, Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia have expressed their support – as have 106 Republican members of Congress.

If your state has not joined the effort – and is not one of the four defendant states, of course – please call your attorney general’s office by to ask them to join this lawsuit. The Supreme Court is our best hope for preserving the integrity of our electoral process, and for ensuring that the candidate who emerges victorious was fairly elected.

To find contact info for your attorney general, just do an internet search for your state and the term “attorney general.”

If your state has joined the effort, a call to say thank you is always appreciated. These elected officials are working to save our nation.

Please encourage your family and friends to get involved in this effort.

And please keep connected with me at EndAbortion.TV and on my social media platforms linked from there for updates about the election!

Thank you and God bless you.

You must be insane, have you even read the title of the forum you’re posting in?

The election has already been cast, and the winner is Joe Biden, and it has been the most scrutinized presidential election in American history. There is absolutely no evidence of any significant electoral fraud.

Fleeing_in_Terror, And please keep connected with me at EndAbortion.

Ah, now I see, this is a complete windup, and you’re just trolling.

I am an atheist, and this is an atheist forum, so I suggest you make a better fist of scrutinising your target audience.

Welcome to EndAbortion., the online channel of Priests for Life

Ah, the bigoted anti choice brigade, who want to tell women what to do with their bodies.

edit: my sincerest apologies it appears I have misunderstood the posters motives.


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EDIT: my post was in error, and I sincerely apologize to Fleeing in terror.

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Steady up guys,

I think Fleeing in Terror has made some sort of forum editing mistake and has not gone ‘insane’. She is only asking information about the fraudster be passed on.

She has written the first paragraph referring to Father Brennan, the ‘Frauster priest’ of the title.
She has then pasted, without demarcating it, silly girl, an email from Father Brennan in which the politicised priest is garnering support for the Texan lawsuit. He clearly does not support separation of church and state. The reference to EndAbortion TV is a site belonging to the good father.

Edited 10 minutes later…This is not Father Brennan, my mistake, but Father Frank Pavone who I have attacked on some of his youtube presentations. This guy is a complete bloody arse and Fleeing in Terror is quite right to help expose him. He is a out right Trumpster bastard.

You do realize that I posted this trying to GET RID OF TRUMP AND THE LYING PRIEST?

I know it FIT, but it is not apparent in the way you posted Pavone’s email, it looks like you wrote it. Punctuation is power…ahh ok I see you have done now good work.

Then I offer my abject apologies. You post was confusing.

Yeah, the way the OP is laid out, it is very confusing. I think you’re right about editing mistake. It starts using a lot of pronouns, and I can’t seem to keep up, it is like it is missing some important piece of information, but it is hard to guess what it might be. Maybe @Fleeing_in_Terror can fix it.

God the Almighty Creator doesn’t care about stupid elections of mankind.

Indeed nor does does this god you talk of care about stupid rocket, missile and bomber raids continuing the violent death and untold misery of past centuries of unresolved strife, between the adherents of two faiths that worship ‘God the Almighty’ and seek his loving omnipotent protection.
It gets worse.
Now the Christian nations are moved to want to step in and force a settlement which can only lead to further antagonisms and loss of life.
“Why are they killing us? We are not government officials or the military. We are people sleeping in our houses.” Old man whose house in the Gaza strip was destroyed, family and neighbours killed, overnight from IDF bomber aircraft."

Yours is not an Almighty god, just an impotent belief.


Though of course, that would be true of all non-existent things.