Founder of Hillsong Charged

It has been a long time coming.

The Prime Minister of Australia has defended this creep, tried to get him invited to the White House ans supports the Church financially…

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Stand back for the avalanche of sanctimonious ‘religious persecution’ claims starting with Murdoch’s non-journalist entertainer-commentators Bolt and Devine for starters.

Then there will be all the Hillsong and Australian Christian Churches devotees having “pray-in protests” or something similar to defend their own from the machinations of Satan, the atheists, LGBTs, socialists, academics, the police, the courts, and the law, all damned for much of this “witch hunt”.

Comparisons might be made between Brian and George Pell. But in the end, the evidence will show, M’lud, that the father committed crimes and the son covered them up. He is guilty of obstructing justice.

These Christian faiths should welcome the “persecution”, it’s the only way most of them ever get any practice to be anything like Jesus.

Where are the miracles? Why don’t they pray C19 away like Jesus promised they could, instead of seeking financial excess and comfortable conservative lifestyles?
All these evangelical “God wants you to be wealthy and successful and needs money” denominations are the new modern-day Sadducees.

Yep, already started.
" Loyalty to your Father" has already been aired as an attempt to minimise Huston’s alleged crimes. An obvious attempt to justify ANY crime “in the name of the Father”.

And not a whimper from any other theist to condemn these people for their alleged actions and inactions.

Even the Catholic Church has refrained from comment…oh dearie me, I wonder why?

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Of course not, because none of them can be certain they won’t be under scrutiny next.

Yes, I’m aware that schadenfreude is a churlish and unworthy feeling, but in this case I’m enjoying it anyway.

Fuck those pious hypocrites and their special pleading. :rage:


thanks for the awesome information.

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