Forcing god propaganda in texas schools

The christian nationalists are slowly getting their wish. The texas legislature is now forcing texas public schools to put “in god we trust” signs in a “conspicuous place” if they are donated:

After the supreme court case Carson v. Makin, I’m guessing the supreme court won’t do much about this.

I find it interesting that even though they keep trying to push their crap out there that christianity in general is loosing about 10% of their ranks each decade here in the US.

I read this comment in the article. This is my opinion as well. People need to leave their religion at home. Violating Separation of Church and State is unacceptable. The Supreme Court should have straight up said NO.

“I am bothered by all of it, but most upset by the language ‘requiring’ campuses to do this if it is free of cost,” said Erika De La Rosa, a teacher with Houston ISD, the state’s largest school district. “Our government should not be forcing campuses to do anything other than meet the needs of all of our state’s children.”

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Agreed. I live in Houston and fear that this is only going to get worse.


It’s getting a lot worse. Women are losing their rights & Christians are pushing for a pseudo theocracy. That means less freedoms for everyone.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Unfortunately it will take graphic and horrendous violence before even a noticeable portion of this country does anything.

Till then, if you want to do something that will help. Watch and possibly share YouTube videos from Fundie Fridays or other content creators documenting and airing the dirty laundry of these religious organizations. It’s like the old saying, absolute power corrupts absolute. People need to know the depths of depravity that are going on with the people pushing these agendas.

Christian colleges are one of the most dangerous places for a woman to be. They are not accredited colleges, so they are religious “alternative” schools. THEY HAVE NO REQUIREMENTS TO REPORT CRIMES OF ANY KIND TO LAW ENFORCEMENT!!! So you can imagine the insane survivor stories coming out of these schools from rape victims. This shit needs to be thrown in every Americans face! We can not let this go unchecked!!!

Know your enemy, and pick them apart piece by bloody tiny piece.


Someone should print up ‘bumper stickers’ that can be put on these signs underneath, using the same typeface, reading:

“All Others Pay Cash”.

By the way, this move is actually being pushed by secret Texas atheists. Nothing like forcing religion down kids’ throats to make them turn against it. The next step by these devious Texas aheists masquerading as conservative religious zealots is going to be to force all Texas kids to hear a one-hour religious sermon, daily, condemning the pleasures of the flesh. .

I speak as someone who grew up and was educated in Houston schools in the 1950s/early 60s, forced to say the Lord’s Prayer daily. Didn’t hurt me a bit, but I did become at agnostic at 12 and an atheist at 14.


……I can’t…. I don’t even…… I mean……I……hmmmm I mean, where do I even start?


The first rule of the secret atheists is not to talk about SA.

Damnit. Now that we’re outed, I’ll need to go onto YouTube and be interviewed by comedians on Triggernometry as a feint.

Then on to forming Double Secret Probation Atheists.


Well. Since we’re the secret Texas atheists, lets conspire against Doug and get him arrested. :joy:


Doug from Texas.

Doug an atheist.

Oh my, a cabal insider.


I confess, I’m a secret atheist… I have been keeping it a secret this WHOLE time… which is why I’ve been announcing it proudly and publicly over the past year or so. I guess secret can have a definition that’s completely contrary to the definition to the primary one, right?

Seriously, fuck Texas, and Greg Abbott. This authoritarian theocratic bullshit can fuck all the way the hell off.

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