For the first time…

For the first time since these records have been kept, there are ZERO parliamentary governments without women representatives.



Excellent, about bloody time!

Gle Mhath!


Quality, and not before time, and things can and will improve even further one hopes.

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I don’t really understand how the British government is set up; but that sounds like good news!

You vote for an MP, the leader of the party with the majority goes to the King (now) and asks permission to from a government, it’s symbolic really, a formality. The leader is the PM and appoints a cabinet, seemples.

The prime minister gets to decide when to ask the monarch to dissolve parliament and hold a general election. Within their term of four years of course. parties have their own methods for electing leaders.


PM’s question time is every Wednesday at 12:30. That’s when the fur can fly, can be very entertaining as well.

I’ve watched that. Blair was pretty funny, imo (but I don’t know anything about his politics).

Boris Johnson for all his faults had a wicked sense of humour, and poor Keir Starmer is so vapid a personality I doubt he leaves an impression on a cushion when he sits on it, he was often canon fodder, and Bojo called him captain hindsight, that never got old tbh.

In the UK when you hear Tory or Conservative party think Republican right, when you hear Labour part think democratic left, and when you hear Liberal party think middle ground. There’s the DUP of course, Northern Ireland MP’s rabid loyalists and usually ultra religious politics. Scotland and Wales have their own governments, but they have no tax raising powers, Westminster dole out what they see fit, and those bodies get to decide how it’s spent, they can enact laws to a certain extent Health, Transport and Agriculture mainly. Also They elect MP’s to Westminster of course, So in Wales for example we elect MP’s - Westminster, and AM’s to the Senedd.

My current MP is a woman, and she’s gay also a Labour MP, and the AM is also Labour, the MP’s are nearly always Labour, we have had Plaid Cymru AM in the passed, it’s a Welsh nationalist party, she was pretty good to be honest, at least as far as I was aware.

…aaannnnd breathe… :sunglasses:

It’s not just the British government. There are nearly 200 countries with parliamentary governments.

About time, considering we make up half the population the numbers are still pretty discouraging. A huge swath of humanity hasn’t got the memo.


Scotland does indeed have tax raising powers The Scotland Act 2012 gave the Scottish Parliament the power to set a different rate of Income Tax in Scotland** , known as the Scottish Rate of Income Tax . It is a slightly higher rate than England as the SNP is a largely Democratic Socialist Party. [waits while US members load their automatic shooters and start looking for Reds under their tartan doonas] and spends its money on social programs and infrastructure rather than the English Tory model of looking after rich mates.

The Scottish National Party is the largest party in the Scottish Parliament and also elects 59 MP’s to Westminster, mostly SNP. Scotland has not voted Tory for more than 60 years, the last time was in 1959. Currently the Tories are trying to cut two seats from Scotland’s representation…which is also not helping their popularity.

That (along with Brexit and the Boris Effect) explains the surge for Independence and rejoining the EU.

It will happen and within the next 10 years I think. The EU have already signalled a welcome.

Currently the SNP (Scottish Parliament) have 34 women, Labour have 10, the Conservatives have eight, the Scottish Greens have five and the Lib Dems have one female MSP. The SNP has approximately half of their sitting members female.

Their charismatic and brave leader (a woman) has just resigned as she has had enough of the daily battles of politics, a hostile English neighbour, and as a final touch the Tory Government in England overturned (vetoed) a Scottish Act of Parliament regarding the recognition and availability of treatment for the Scottish Trans population. An act of pure bastardry that will bite them fair in their homophobic arses.

aaaaaand breathe! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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My apologies, I was incorrect there, oopsy. Actually now I think of it, the Senedd imposed a minimum alcohol price on shops and supermarkets clobbering cheap lager and cider, though I’m given to understand they didn’t raise any tax from it, broke my heart. No more cheap cider…it’s now almost twice the price than England. I may need to do a booze run next time I have a contract in England.