Find Joy and Peace with God!

Why is it I find such joy and peace in the expressions of God’s love? The love of Jesus is all we need to make the world a better place. Why can’t people see this? Why isn’t it obvious to the heathen non-believers. Jesus loves you all, each and every one…

Five Evangelical Houses Burned Down By Catholics in Mexico.

In Mitzitón, Mexico, local authorities and traditionalist Catholics burned down five indigenous Tzotzil evangelical houses. The properties belonged to pastor Alejandro Jiménez Jiménez and his sons. In January 2021, they were expelled from Mitzitón after being accused of building an evangelical temple. The incident happened when the pastor was detained for an hour after returning to the municipality to visit his ill mother. The leader of Alas de Águila, Esdras Alonso González explained that the expulsion of Jiménez happened because the local Catholic traditionalists thought he was building a temple. González condemned the crime and further explained that around 180 houses of evangelical families had been destroyed in Mitiztón since 1982

Most joyous article I have seen in a long time! Of course, I don’t look for sand on a beach… I just assume its there. When you stop to scoop up a hand-full and actually look at it… it can still amaze the mind.

It can always get worse.

Rural India:

The Indian Dalit man killed for eating in front of upper-caste men.

By Vineet Khare

‘Dalit’ is a more modern name for members of the untouchable caste.
I’ve also read of cases in which a dalit man was beaten up for daring to ride a horse to his own wedding. Another was beaten for having the audacity to grow a moustache.

The above kind of hateful behaviour occurs mainly in rural India, where as in Mexico and elsewhere , extreme religiosity goes hand in glove with poverty and ignorance.

Spreading more joy! Thank their loving God I want fuck nothing to do with him.

I give up, why? :thinking:

Oh I don’t know, it seems a pretty sweet place already…:wink:

Not Lee Halfpenny apparently, his hundredth international cap today for Wales, against Canada. Stretchered off with knee injury in first few minutes.


Good try from Canada in first few minutes as well, really caught us napping.

Yes yes, I hijacked your thread. :sunglasses::grin::+1:

As you were…good luck to all the Canadians, but not too much obviously, we wouldn’t want Wales losing this one. :grin::sunglasses:

Stupid is as stupid does.

Hahaha :rofl:

When I first read the “click bait” title, I thought you were advertising this summer’s JW Conventions!

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How would you feel if Micky Mouse knocked on your front door and told you he had a message from Thor?

Really? Fuck, that would be goofy as hell. Thor is a mighty friend and Micky a slayer of giants, they are certainly welcom at my table. We shall break bread together and their blessings shall be upon me and my journey through life. A little flattery goes a long way with the Norse gods. They don’t give a shit about prayer.

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I’ve always found Mickey to be a bit wet. So fucking cheerful! Goofy would be another matter entirely. Between the two of them, they have just about every Christian I’ve ever met covered.

While I was still drinking there was this little mouse who would come out from behind the floor heater and just sit there. I used to talk to him. He didn’t talk back. I’ve never been sure if he was real or not. Probably real, because I was off my face and not sobering up at the time. I seem to have dodged a bullet in never experiencing the DT’s as far as I can tell. That doesn’t happen while you are drunk, it happens when a severe alkie is sobering up. It’s not far from there to an alcoholic seizure and possible death.