Fievelism The Religion

Fievel’s my God.


I might just write a bible for Fievelism.

A new religion worshiping Fievel Mousekewitz as a God.


Oh well I guess I am hell-bound for worshiping my plush toy.


So escaping slavery from Egypt these ancient “Israelites” were forced into a new kind of slavery, who exactly to worship over anyone, (or anything,) else. With the real threat of death and the metaphysical threat of an eternity in hell. Wow this god character described in the hebrew bible sounds like a wonderful entity!

Hah! Once again the bible is the only thing you ever need to read to realize the host religion of said bible is, in its very best case scenario: pure garbage.

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I Love The Huge Joint In This Video. xD

I know the woman in that joint video. She was my girlfriend and fourteen years old at the time. She had a bit of a habit with the weed and Bogarted the entire spliff, the selfish bitch. That was 42 years ago and we’re still waiting for her to come down from it.

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