FEAR control and brain problems

I was doing some thinking. I was trying to whittle down to the core of what is behind the mass “acceptance” of some alternate reality in which a group on mass feels it is OK to violently siege the Capitol.

I have watched and read…listened and researched other “fights for democracy”… BUT this one is different. So I want to focus on it.

I was raised in the “last days” mentality, as are the majority of Christians (except Catholics? Lol - which I didn’t know, thanks Cranks). Armageddon around the corner. My lifetime alone has seen so many failed end of the world prophecies that it’s comical.

That’s just the religious. Now, at first I didn’t want to go to this mind-set, but then I started thinking :thinking:. Known conspiracy writers going back to (again my age era) were by-and-large religious (ie William Cooper).

My religion hung onto the “King of the North and King of the South” during the Cold War- tying events together, a tapestry of god’s control and plan.

We were always told - “don’t be afraid” :scream: YET at the same time you are fed a constant diet of fear. You are “brave”… facing fear and not let it “get you”.

Ever listen to old Alex Jones 2000 -lead up??? My god, the world was ending. Really. And it was all “planned”.

OR the 2012? NOW to be fair - RARELY were any new Agers (at least the ones I listened too) afraid. They were anticipating a physical (for some, light bodies; or mass awakening to love and light; or whatever else…) BUT there were a mass religious minded group/s that were SERIOUSLY prepping. Planet X or Nibiru … this was the baby to watch for. Nancy Leider ring a bell :bellhop_bell: AND the David Wilcox’s mix of NWO control being won via “outside” events (depends on what - aliens, Planet X,

And in between all the BIG memorable events and failed prophecy and failed doomsayers are the little “guys” making a buck or just enjoying their 5 min of “Fear Fame”.

Personally, I enjoy my “fear” on a roller-coaster or a good scary movie or (now) VR ZOMBIE :woman_zombie: slaying and survival!!!

I like a boring, non-exciting NOT “living in a movie” as a “good guy” plot to overturn satanic cabals type of a life.

A life decided on by reality. I have seen the “CHOOSE your reality” theme touted (lol) and I think :thinking: “Jesus fuckin’Christ YOU guys got some multiverse remote control???” They lose the point of “actions being consequences” (for positive or negative) …

God this is long! Sorry :neutral_face:

That whole “actions bring consequences” - many of the “patriots” and religious nut balls (JWs incl) are working HARD through their actions to create their reality of “internment” camps (fuck, some dipshit in Canada says they’re here too - a whole 5 min research shit down that fucking turd :poop:)

It’s called prison.

Interesting on what fear does to the brain.
May explain much as to memory and learning issues. Just good old brain :brain: control (hmmmm, I wonder which group is under a form of control)…

Just a light article in-and-around-Halloween.

I’m sure there are more in depth studies.

Alex Jones continually peddles conspiracy theories. He has built up an audience and he sells advertising against them. His net worth is in excess of five million.

Yah 30 years of the same shit - different fucking pile (depends on the news) and it’s all eaten up - because joe blow who can’t get his own personal shit together knows an “insider who knows because his cousin…” and the tell you what to think commentary.

Ya think these “reasonable, independent thinkers” ever examine shit without sound or commentary? You know, examine their own ability to assess evidence? Do you think any of them have actually ever read a court transcript?

Seriously - this was offered as evidence to “convince” me.

:roll_eyes: except his had a source at the bottom “Trump Campaign” (this one doesn’t)

Worried that sleepy Joe and the Democrats are going to take their shit - hahaha - they can’t even swiftly (if ever) get the orange mad-king out of office early. Seems that taxpayers of all political or religious persuasions are fine giving the orange one his lifetime “pension” and security detail for “services rendered”…

This is the danger of believing unfalsifiable things and/or keeping static models despite evidence. As I noted in another post, Christians are unsurprisingly more susceptible to stuff like this because of their bad personal modeling habits. They already are comfortable believing what they want instead of what they can measure. I watched friends of mine do this for years, so the Capitol attack did not surprise me. All it takes is the right enabler spewing the lies they want to hear. I was actually surprised it wasn’t more violent. There’s still time left though. They are planning marches in all 50 state capitols and something for inauguration day.

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Actually, as far as I’m aware the christians who obsess about the last days tend to be the fundamentalists and smaller extreme sects such as say JW’s ,Seventh Day Adventists and Pentacostals. They all seem to be preoccupied with The Book Of Revelations for their prophecies. It is these folks who are in the minority of christians. It just seems like more because they make so much more noise, especially the obnoxious happy clappers.


Jesus himself is reported as saying : Matthew 16:28 “Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.” (KJV)

Jesus is reported as saying he will return ‘soon’ several time in the Gospels.
Then, of course he didn’t turn up. The early church changed Jesus’ expected return to some vague indeterminate time in the future. The matter was then quietly dropped, only to ever be mentioned in passing among Catholics and mainstream protestants.

The majority of Christians have the brains to realise that the [one of dozens] of sects which became christianity began as a millenarian movement. When the new millennium did not arrive,early christianity became and remains a failed milennarian movement. Just like the JW’s and others who keep coming up with new prophecies, all of which have failed.

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:grimacing: and television evangelicals… they get huge audiences and “give generously” and buy shit …

They may make more noise but it breaks the silence that allows people to “think”.

They’re perhaps the noisiest of all, proving the maxim “An empty vessel makes the most sound” ( I think that’s right)

I’ve never heard that one!

Jesus fuckin’Christ is that your way of getting me to quiet down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of Course not. Wouldn’t waste my time. Besides you have three very large sons who I’m sure would smite me if I was in any way untoward to their mum… At best, all I can muster is Maurice the hunting ferret :innocent:

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Yah - they “could have been great!” THEIR biggest obstacle, aside from “superiority”
WOULD be getting the “little ladies” and “girls” to shut the fuck up.
The ones not living with them.

Some of our Canadian politicians actually embraced the Proud Boys initially. But since the events of last week and the backlash, they have been forced to disengage and denounce this terrorist organization. There is a push up here in Canada to get them designated as a terrorist organization.

…and offered up the “internment” camp conspiraturd in Parliment.

Lol! When this first crossed my FB, my brow did the WTF (my indicator to look into it). Stupid RFP by the govt for hotels and such to pay for workers (healthcare, northern workers, homeless, etc) that CAN’T isolate at home.

Now I google searched to get this from early fall and the “fake news” is telling people what I went to (to search) based on Hill’s claim (and piece of paper he’s holding). Big fucking secret :crazy_face:

Fuck - his riding must be as loopy as he is.

I have something interesting to contribute to the discussion of OBE’S.

When I was a paramedic, we often did routine transports from hospitals to nursing homes, etc…

Well . . . I once transported a patient from a hospital to a hospice facility, so that he could die in congenial surroundings, as he had an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer that had metastized to every corner of his body.

We were wheeling him down the hospital halway, and he stopped talking when we got on the elevator, and started laughing when we got off on the ground floor.

I asked him to share the joke, as hospice transports often left me slightly depressed, and I could have used a good laugh.

He explained to me that he had just had an out-of-body experience, and described–in vivid detail–the sensations of floating above his body and looking down at himself, and was momentarily convinced that he had died on my stretcher.

Here’s where I get to the point: we came back to that same hospital later that night for another call, and this is when I discovered that the elevator had a mirrored ceiling.

Evidentally, the euphoria from the morphine combined with the downward motion of the elevator (which makes you feel lighter) and the act of contemplating himself in the mirrored ceiling created an out-of-body experience for my patient.

This was how I discovered that you can create your own out-of-body experience with nothing more than an elevator with a mirrored ceiling (an assistant is helpful for the timing).

You spin around like a dervish until you’re really dizzy, and then lie on the elevator floor while your assistant pushes the down button.

I wrote letters about this that were published in Skeptical Inquirer in the November/December 2003 issue.


Given the right conditions and suggestions or “beliefs”, we interpret our perceptions and create an internal “true experience”.

It’s something I pay attention to, especially as I grow older. It is, IMO, a cause for many misunderstandings in communication.


Edited to add: these two are also auditory illusions but it’s not loading in

That’s really interesting. That is exactly the feeling that occurs when the … aw fuck… The whole Field of OBEs is fucked up by the language they use to describe things.

Let’s try again. I have been able to have OBE’s since I was a kid. My first sleep paralysis episode was when I was 3 and I recall it perfectly. I went from exploring these episodes and buying into the whole meditation bullshit until I had a few really good OBEs. So what I wanted to say above what that the experience of being dizzy in a dropping elevator is the exact feeling that occurs just prior to the OBE.

My experience is one of dropping, then hearing a roar like a train passing by just a few inches away. Then there is a dizzy flip as I spin feet over the head into a standing position and there I am. The “Astral Projection.” My brain pretending my body is still there when the body has been shut off.

My belief is that “sleep paralysis” and “phantom limb syndrome” are the evidence explaineing OBEs and NDEs.

What happens during an NDE or OBE is that the body shuts down but the brain remains alert. This body ‘shut down’ occurs every night when we sleep. If the body did not shut down we would dream about running and wake to find ourselves miles away from our bed.

The brain naturally separates from the body, disconnects, during sleep. When the brain wakes before reconnecting to the body, this results in sleep paralysis. An this freaks the hell out of most people.

But when you seek it. When you learn to stay alert as the body shuts off, your brain does a really interesting thing. Like ‘phantom limb syndrome’ when amputees can swear that they still have a limb and can even feel it. Sometimes even reaching out for things with it, to discover no limb there at all. The brain manufactures the missing limb in the same way it manufactures the missing body. I believe this is at the root of all OBE and NDE experiences. The experience is quite real and very interesting; however, it is nothing more than a brain state.


The McGurk effect:

HA! I always knew that my sense of hearing was enhanced by closing my eyes when I drive. I can hear all the cars around me and don’t even need my rear-view or side-view mirrors. I was right! I need to get a copy of the video to play for the passengers in my car.

Once scared the shit out of my mum when she complained about some hairy corners. I told her “just do what I do mum, close your eyes”

I’ve tried some meditation. Most useful was with Hatha yoga. With other forms I fall asleep. Also fell asleep when following instructions to achieve astral projection. Have never had an OBE. Dreamed I had died once. Just blackness and a sensation of falling. It terrified me. I quite like the idea of a NDE as I’m actually dying.

The one thing which helped was self hypnosis, which I used to relax if I felt a tension headache coming on.

Tension headaches occurred when I had a stressful job and an unhappy marriage. They ceased pretty much immediately after she left. Today I have neither a job nor difficult marriage. Manage to say calm most of the time, although I still tend to catastrophize stuff.

One of the recommendations is to try early morning before lunch. If you are well rested, you are less likely to fall asleep. Next is to have a practice time set up for the same time each day. Your body will get into a rhythm that way.