exmuslim from Pakistan

Hi everyone I am exmuslim atheist from Pakistan. Leaving Islam makes me a better person. Islam makes everyone monster. But when you leave the cult of islam you became a great human being. The reason I left islam is the stupidity written in Koran and Muhammad pedophilia and morality. Thanks to atheistrepblic and apostate prophet because of your informative content on YouTube Muslim youth are leaving islam very fast. I also convert my friend to atheistism by telling him about the logic and sciencetific evidence of universe creation and human evolution. Many exmuslim atheist insipre me and young youth of Pakistan like Harris sultan, armin navabi, apostate prophet.


Welcome @yebar16037

Just so you’re aware, this forum is international but English is the language spoken.

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum.

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I am happy that you are seeing the truth contained in the Islamic dogma. It, like Christianity, is an ‘In-group / out-group.’ religion. You are in the group and with us, or you are outside the group and doomed to suffer the wrath of God. You are in the group and respected, or outside the group and a filthy sinner in need of salvation or hell. It is a fucked up way to see the world and all the people of the world who live around you. Welcome to the site. It would be beneficial to have some well-informed Muslims in our midst. Tell your friends to join as well.

I want to give you my speech about “Not converting to Atheism,” but I will only mention that you have not converted to anything. There is nothing to convert to. We have no magic book. We have no dogma. There are no rituals. We don’t have secret hand shakes or magic rituals to protect us from evil. We do not gather in prayer. You have converted to nothing. What you have done is take that load of bricks you have been carrying on your back for years, and set it on the ground. You looked at it and asked yourself, ‘Why in the hell am I carrying this shit around with me?’ Then, not thinking of a good reason to pick up the load, you just walked away from it. Now you find yourself among similar people who have also walked away from similar loads. This is what we have in common. We have converted to nothing but we all have the experience of putting down our load of brick and walking away from them. (Well, most of us. There are a few who were born lucky and never had to carry a load of bricks. But most of us know the experience.) What you have done is discover that you are free from your load. It has noting to do with converting to anything.


Welcome, @yebar16037! Glad you’re here!

It appears that English is your second language so you may not understand some of what is said, or the humor often used in these pages. Please ask if something doesn’t make sense to you.


Damn, Cog, you were much nicer with Yebar than you were with me. You practically chewed my ass out, and I was only making a joke. Geeeez… :roll_eyes: What the hell? You getting all gentle and sweet in your old age?

@yebar16037 Howdy! Welcome to the AR. We don’t get many ex-Muslims around here, so it’s an extra pleasure having you aboard. :grinning: Like Cog said, there is no “converting” to atheism. You simply stop believing in ridiculous religious nonsense. Did you “convert” to aboogiemanism when you stopped believing in the boogieman? Anyway, I’m pretty sure you get the idea.

Same for me when I finally escaped my Christian indoctrination. All my anxiety and confusion and indecision vanished, and I was finally able to treat people better without all the religious judgemental crap clogging my brain. Glad you found us. Hope you hang around and make yourself at home.

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Welcome yebar.
I am glad for your liberation. The freedom from the bondage of indoctrination or religious imposition can be a major milestone in a person’s life.
My view is similar to @Cognostic in that I view it as boulders placed in our paths, sometimes by ourselves and sometimes by others. When we are able to remove one of these from our path, the journey becomes much easier, although there may be others remaining.
You have managed to displace a gigantic boulder and I congratulate you and wish you well.


Hi @yebar16037, welcome to AR.

ONE OF US, ONE OF US! Welcome to the forum.

Everyone knows you don’t have a heart. Cyber and White are watching me… Don’t think for a moment that because I have White’s rolling pin stuck up my ass, she won’t jerk it out and whack me over the head with it. Do you realize the shit I get away with? I think most of it is because I realize when the mods tell me to cool it, I don’t argue, I don’t fret, I just do as I am asked to do. I’m not a fucking idiot. LOL I say some good things, I say some things that make people cringe. The powers in control of the site are very aware of it, and so am I. It’s a balancing act. You just hit the circadian clock at the right time, on the right day, and under the right circumstances. Lucky You!

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Aww, hell! You mean it was just blind luck? Dammit! And all this time I was thinking it was because you really liked me… (woeful groan)… Maaaan, now I gotta go rethink my whole life… (head downshuffling away slowly)…

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Thanks all, yes English aint my first language but I can understand it very well and can speak it. Also, thanks for the warm welcome means a lot to me genuinely : )


Hello Yebar.

Rejecting a religion that may have been fed into you (with the best of intentions) from an early age is a very brave and courageous act, so kudos to you.

Thank you for participating on this forum.

Look, Yaber, you left Islam… the very fact that you left means you are an atheist, You dropped Islam and that qualifies you. You need not do anything else. So where do you go from here? What do you belive? How do you fill the gap that theology has left behind?

Some of the folks on the site seem to be Secular Humanists. There are skeptics of different sorts. I personally like Methodological Naturalism, Existentialism, and a rolling pin up my ass to keep me from being serious about myself and the world around me. (It’s a long story.) I heard a good quote today, someone attributed it to Mike Tyson.

An interviewer asked him. What do you do when people who do not like you come up and insult you? His response was. “When I think I am important, I get angry. But when I remember I’m just not that important, it doesn’t bother me at all.” So, no one is trying to be pedantic. There are lots of interesting beliefs in the world that you can wrap your mind around. But beliefs are like bananas. Don’t eat the peels, and you can also eat around all the black spots.

Perhaps others will share some beliefs that occupy their time.

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