Evidence how the Catholic Church tries to kill you

From Sunday’s NYT Rview.

How going into a Catholic hospital while female is risking your life.

The pro-life movement is the western form of seti. Rather than throw ourselves on our selves on the funeral pyres of our dead husbands to line the pockets of his family, we are supposed to give our lives and the lives of our dependent children for the sake of unviable fetuses’ hope the bishops get their asses sued. From the barking nonsense on the USCCB website, none of them are medically qualified to put a band aid on a boo boo. The only mortal sin in the Catholic Church is being female and the ‘pro-life’ movement is designed to ensure we die of it.



I lost my patience with religious hospitals decades ago.

A rape victim transported to a Catholic hospital will not get the “morning after” pill . . . which sickens me when I’ve transported 12 and 13 year old girls who have been sexually assaulted.

Instead, they find bullshit reasons to admit the patient fro 72 hours to get them past the window when the morning after pill would work.

I’ve always had a problem with religious priorities getting mixed up in healthcare.


My local St John Of God (Catholic but private/public funded Hospital) …lying on my ED trolley, hooked up to the machine that goes “beep”, and a thousand entry and exit points for bodily fluids, get a visit from the “welfare” nurse.
WN: Is it ok do any and all procedures to save your life?..sign here
Me: no, I have an Advanced Care Plan. It is on the Medicare site.
WN: Oh didn’t you bring a print copy?
Me:…I had a heart attack? It wasnt a planned visit.
WN: We cant accept an ACP unless we have a signed printed copy
Me: Yes, yes you can, you go onto the My Gov site and print it, if you need to.
WN: we cant do that. Sign this.
Me:…?? That is the REASON for the site so that qualified practitiioners can access all my medical records without bothering relatives…
WN: Oh. I will check, will you sign the release so we can do any necessary procedures the doctors see fit to do?
Me ( blood pressure rising dramatically) I just explained I will not accept certain procedures. Down load or look at my ACP, it is in the medical records you have just accessed to get my name and blood type etc… (monitor beeps alarms)
WN: OK…walks off in huff

watch her walk round to Nurses station, talk to charge nurse, access the computer and print out 3 pages she adds, without reading, to my file

Nest day : Perth Hospital: Public, 100% state funded.
Can you sign a consent form for any proced…
Me: I have an Advanced Care Plan
Nurse: Really? Peruses notes… ah…you came from St John of God…I will print another copy. Sometimes they don’t include them. All good.
nurse reappears with my ACP…this yours? just confirm it’s you. Thanks

Catholic hospital was great…but not so much the ethics when I have an ACP. I am pretty sure that they would have ignored my ACP or pretended it just did not exist.


I am going to point out that the most secular and peaceful countries with equal access to healthcare have less maternal mortality rates. The most religious, pro-life, and violent countries with more inequality to resources have more maternal mortality rates.

Scriptures from The Bible represent women being treated like submissive prey rather than with respect. Not women who are capable of fighting against abusive men, especially sociopathic, psychopathic, narcissistic, violent, and sexually predatory ones. Considering more men score higher in sociopathy, psychopathy, narcissism, violence, sexual abuse, and lack of agreeableness than women on average, I am less likely to trust the Bible. So, I am less likely to trust the Catholic church. Hence, I am less likely to trust Catholic or Christian hospitals. Not that I think all men are purely evil perpetrators, though. Also, I don’t think all women are innocent victims. But I just know there are significant differences between people with XX and XY chromosomes regarding sociopathy, psychopathy, narcissism, sexual abuse, violence, rape, crime, etc. I don’t think that gives the Bible an excuse to treat women like submissive prey to abusive men.

Now, this is why I’m pro-choice unlike some Catholic people are. Adults are more likely to build civilization. Children are less mentally and physically equipped with building civilization. Preventing maternal mortality will prevent poverty that usually causes illiteracy and crime in society. Parentless children usually don’t develop in healthy ways compared to ones who have been raised by loving and supportive parents. Preventing maternal mortality will prevent neglected children, poverty, illiteracy, and crime. Pro-life puts women’s lives in danger, though. Not all women’s bodies are designed for giving birth safely without them dying. From what I observed, countries with the least maternal mortality tend to be developed countries as a result, too. Because the significant reduction of maternal mortality makes society reduce the chance of neglected children that likely leads to no poverty that likely leads to no illiteracy nor crime.

Whaaaa??? Were you reading Lord of the Flies :smirk:

Cesarean sections help with this, big time.

Just having some fun…
I get your sediment, but I just support a woman’s reproductive right over her own body.

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Religious hospitals must be seen as illegal! Religion and Healthcare are too disconnected. The ones running them should be imprisoned

Data for position that the more religious a country/government, the worse off the citizenry are.