Ever have a "ghost" encounter?

I don’t suppose believing in ghost is much of an atheist thing, but most people have had some kind of experience that people who believe in the supernatural might attribute to ghost. Since it’s almost halloween I thought I’d tell my spooky experiences and I’d like to hear about yours too:
So, twice while on the cusp of sleep I thought I heard someone call my name. One time it sounded like someone who’s alive, but a hundred or so miles away, so it doesn’t count as a ghost, but the other time it was the voice of a dead friend. I know it was just my brain glitching while I drifted off, still, it was nice to hear her voice :slightly_smiling_face: .
Once while working at a spooky ass hotel I was in a suite on the top floor. You needed a special key for the elevator to even get to that suite. I was sure I’d heard some voices but I was all through the rooms putting out fresh towels and putting mints on the pillows and no one was there. Yes it creeped me out and my heart was racing as I dashed for the elevator. If you look up images for the interior of the Ahwahnee hotel you’ll see the problem. Stanley Kubrick used it as the design for the inside of the hotel in "The Shining ". I don’t have an explanation for that one, except it was a windy night. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t ghost :slightly_smiling_face: .
It looks like all my spooky encounters are just “voices”. Anyone want to share their stories?

No ghosts, but lots of UFO’s. And by UFO I mean stuff I couldn’t identify (mostly because of poor visibility/range/etc).

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I have heard lots of ghost encounters. I’ve been on ghost tours and visited haunted sites. No real experience with one. I’d spend the night in a haunted place and not think twice.

I’ve had the audio thing - when I was half asleep.

Heard a voice once: I was sick with the mumps and was just a little kid. My mom, let me stay at home
while she went to work. Though I was told to stay in bed and to not get up as the mumps can drop into the testies, I paid no heed. OHHHHHH FUCK! Was I sick! I heard my mother’s voice yell at me, “Shut the Fuck Up, and go to bed.” It was so real, I swore it was her, and I did go to bed. As I looked around I saw nothing. No sign of her at all. Still, I soon fell asleep.

I have never been so sick in my entire life. My head split at the sound of a footstep. I could not stand the glare of a shimmer from a glass across the room. I hurt everywhere. All I wanted was darkness. I crawled under the covers, muffled all the sounds with a pillow over my head, and sank into the bed, deeper and deeper into the bed. (Audidtiory Hallucination that was absolutely REAL)

As a Christian, I attributed a lot of stuff to ghosts or spirits that looking back on my life, now, seems like attention getting bullshit.

These day’s I’ve got real shit to worry about. Getting to work on time, Avoiding covid, paying my bills are recurring dreams of rolling pins?

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A lot of people have stories about it.

It was 6 in the afternoon, my father’s house always creeped me out because it was built in the early 1800’s. I always got this really bad feeling and would get really spooked. Anyways, I “thought” I saw a woman dressed like she was from the mid 1800s to early 1900’s come out of one room and walk into another room.

I got really creeped out, I didn’t go investigate to see if she was in one of the rooms but I did yell “hello?” and again I yelled “Hello? anyone there?”

so I got out of the house and sat onto the porch until he and his wife got home. I didn’t want to be in there.

But really. I think I was just seeing things and my mind was playing tricks on me. There’s no way it could have been real. I didn’t like his house and I was stressed out because I couldn’t live with my mother at the time and I think the stress was causing me to see something that wasn’t there.

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