Enthusiasm and hobbies

I like to create a topic where we can share things we like . For me I like bus models such as Newflyer D40LFs , Orion vii, New York city skyscrapers and also Breda A650 subway trains . These pictures are from Google images to I use it to make the topic more creative and fun :smiling_face::blush:.

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Our old stomping grounds, SO. CAL.

I’ve been collecting Hot Wheels and Match Box cars again for myself and our grandson.

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Bus models??? There is a hobby for everyone I guess. Interestingly enough, it never would have occurred to me to be a bus model enthusiast. I once did traditional shit like, collect coins. I lost my coin collection when my storage unit sold. There were not more than a few hundred dollars in silver.

I spent most of my time doing sports. I have a closet full of Karate stuff, Kumdo sticks, a Hakama, and ribbons and shit. I’ll toss it all when I leave Korea. Next to that shit are squash rackets. I think I have 3. I stopped playing squash for the winter but will likely start again when the weather warms. Over in the corner is a custom Taylor Baritone Electric Acoustic guitar. I’ve forgotten more songs than I know, but I enjoy singing to myself. (Solid wood, Mahogany back and sides, spruce top.) I have a dartboard set up in my room. I have played at the prom level. That means I went to a pro tournament and I took out the number 25 ranked in the world at the time. It does not mean I am any good. No one makes money in darts unless they have been in the top 10. I once played in a bar in Las Vegas with Ronnie Baxter. A really fun night of talking shit back and forth and buying drings. He drank rum and coke. Every 3 game set I had to buy him another rum and coke. I came so close to beating him but he kept stealing games from me with high digit and 3-digit outs. I got slick and began buying him doubles. I thought if I got him drunk he might lose a game. LOL, So more shit talk and when we were done, he had 8 to 10 drinks lined up on the bar waiting for him. I don’t know if he drank them all or not, but it was a fun night of dart throwing. For the Canadians in the room, John Part and I both love spicy Mexican food. Oh, Stacy Bromberg owned the bar. My other dart buddy is Paul Lim. I used to shoot with him at his dart shop in SanBernadino Ca.

Do I have time for any other hobbies? I write. I write letters to the editor. I have articles published in various darts books. (I did not write my own darts book) I published 3 other books, academic. (Not real writing. When a person writes academically, the audience is captive. (students) And students are forced to buy the book for the courses the professor teaches. (Ever wonder why most text books are shit? University professors are shit writers. Myself included.) Most of them do not submit stuff to the general public. Very few of them ever have an original idea that other professors are interested in. Generally speaking, most text books are shit and simply repeat crap that has been in print before.

How many ways are there to explain how to write a 5 point paper to a group of students learning to write essays? I have a two-volume, step-by-step guide.

Finally, I think this is last, I have a few thousand dollars in fishing gear. Rods, reels, and a cool backpack tackle box. Fishing chairs and pole stands.

(Should I mention a weight bench in the living room?)


Cool I have a Diecast, Tonka and dinky toy collection. For me it’s a awesome hobby to collect old rare toys from the past :star_struck::star_struck:. I will try to take some pictures and share them here when I have some free time in the weekend.


Hmm Trains are my bag, I have a collection of Wrenn locos. Which I am now selling BTW. I collected and restored Lesney Matchbox, a collection of some 250 which will be passed to Grandson upon my demise!

My hobby atm is drinking my wine collection, learning Gaelic (the language of my early childhood) and , sadly watching my once vibrant energetic partner decline in health and acuity.


Our grandson is getting “our” collection of die cast cars when I’m gone.

Here is my collection .

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I am an avid bicyclist, and I like to write (been published many times in different magazines), and I collect stamps.

I also do a lot of photography, and I occasionally sell my canvases.

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I’m a long-time darts player. I even played in the PDC. Went to Vegas a handful of times. I knocked out the number 25 world-ranked player in one tournament and I got thrashed by the number 10 ranked player about 15 games, back to back. (Damn, those top 10 players are frigging good.) Right now, as I practice, I will still hit at least one ‘ton-eighty’ nightly. I can hit all the doubles, in a ‘Round the World’ practice session in under 25 darts.

I started playing recently at a soft-tip bar. I don’t like soft tip. The machine ranks me at 21. I won’t play in a soft-tip league. Too many sandbaggers and I hate the handicapping systems.

Fishing counts: I have a couple of thousand dollars worth of fishing equipment right behind me. The season for fishing in this place is short. I get one or two trips a year.

Is sitting around and getting fat a hobby? I have been excelling at that lately.


Well, maybe…or in some cases (not to imply anything) it could be seen as a profession.

Edit to go listen to Jethro Tull

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Yea, yea, Then in a few years you would be ‘Thick as a Brick.’


Well there is another selection which could be seen as rather more applicable…
Of course I would never be one to point out the obvious or to ridicule anyone for wildly out of control gluttony and sloth.

Edit (has “sitting around the house” become a literal expression yet?)

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Does a collection of horror stories count as a hobby? If so, I can post some photos of my collection.

Unfortunately, house sitting has been taken. And, it doesn’t mean what it sounds like it means. Socially you would be a hermit, recluse, or shut-in. But, those all sound so negative. What if you just like being alone? I think it is up to us to invent a word, and in so doing, liberate the negative stereotype.
How about just calling them ‘antisocial shitheads?’

That’s a good starting place but you missed the point…

He’s so fat that when he sits around the house, he really sits around the house…

Or as big as (and breathing like) a locomotive.

“Won’t waste my time feeling sorry for him…I’ve seen the other side to being thin…well let’s roll down the mountain and I’m, sure the fat man would win, hey heyaay”

It doesn’t count as a hobby, but just completed online learning version of NRP, or the Neonatal Resusitation Program. I have to go next month and get my skills checked off in a lab.

It was intense.

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LOL… I saw NRP and immediately went to Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have to have resuscitation training every 2 years by order of the Korean Government. They wheel us all down to a big community gymnasium, line up the dummies (I don’t know if I mean the plastic ones, or the ones sitting in the audience) listen to a lecture, watch a demonstration, and then demonstrate our craft to the administrators of the event. All the dummies are connected to computers, and your progress at resuscitating your dummy is displayed on a huge movie screen. If your dummy dies, it flashes RED, you fail your exam in front of God, the world, and everyone. They test about 20 people at a time and there are at least 100 in the audience. What a fun day.

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