😳 Dying for a dog

A clip from local news about some hippy (my guess) that had NO sense of judgement when it comes to our spring “breakup”!!! Every year somebody dies out on the ice :ice_cube: BUT this “feel good news story” takes the fucking cake!!!

BTW - I love how they mention “candy-cane lane”. It is a beloved area in Edmonton for Xmas light drives (anyone who lives in that area has some money :woman_shrugging:t2:) WHY mention it? To give an impression of what??? Then for “truth” they had to flash his actual home …a quickie…

NOW I don’t give a shit where the guy lives (mind you our living environment tells it’s own story) - BUT the news crew did.

I don’t know how to feel about this. I mean, the guy meant well, but yeah… it wasn’t the smartest thing to do. A dog is a dog.

“That’s so him, that’s so Rob…” Apparently so.

When driving, you hit the animal that suddenly puts its life in danger- you don’t risk your life or your passengers to avoid the animal (using judgement of course…)

When we get the warm/cold, especially on water, a person does NOT trust the ice. The weight difference (between him and a dog). He didn’t know whether the dog would break through the ice or fall in. If that was his assessment, then why the fuck did he go out there??? It’s NOT like it was a 5 year old that escaped its parents.

AND if it was a 5 year old and you feel “somewhat” sure of the ice you lay your body flat on the ice to distribute weight as you go…

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Did the dog survive? I hope so. Otherwise a Darwin award for nothing. I do feel for the idiot’s family.

Callous? yeah, I guess I am. Don’t know the guy from a bar of soap and he died from stupidity. Another stupid, dead hero.

So Bob. Really loved dogs and never read “The Selfish Gene”. So it goes.

Stupid is as stupid does.

lol tell that to John Wick.

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“Why did you hit my son?”
" He stole John Wick’s car and killed his dog"

Wasn’t just a dog though. It was the last thing his adored wife gave him before she died.

John Wick is certainly a skilled psychopath. My theory is that he’s possessed by a demon. :thinking:

Even worse, for the scumbag dog killer, his wife intended the dog to be a focus for him when she died, to stop him from focusing entirely on his grief.

When they killed his dog, he focused his entire attention on them. We all are drawn to violent uncompromising characters who take the law into their own hands, in films anyway, as the suffering is always abstract, but in reality life would be a dystopian nightmare if we all indulged our anger with impunity.

Well… I’m putting this here, because I’m my mind, it’s just as stupid.

They’ll be an investigation and, yes, I’m going by the surface information…

The stampede began when large numbers of people trying to exit the site thronged a narrow, tunnel-like passage, according to witnesses and video footage. People began falling on top of one another near the end of the walkway as they descended slippery metal stairs, witnesses said.

Like how fucking high did the “pile” have to get before people stopped …and I guess it was overcrowded. I hate crowds. I really do. Being around throngs of people anywhere is never on the top of my “to do” list.

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Me too. Back in the 70s I spent a lot of time on commuter trains in Tokyo. The platform guards used to shove people in so they could get the doors shut. I saw a man fall out when a window shattered under the pressure. And I saw a fainted woman passed overhead and out of a window onto the platform.

But to get crushed or trampled to death or infected at a religious event is the ultimate in pointless death. Thousands of those idiots at the Kumbh festival on the banks of the Ganges a couple of weeks back will now be struggling to take their last breath.

Do you remember this one in Saudi Arabia?

I just wish people would leave their kids at home when they risk their lives.

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Apparently it’s not uncommon for large numbers of people to be crushed to death at the Kaaba in Mecca.

In the UK there was that incident at a football match with 50 people killed.(1989)

Impunity you say? Haha no. John didn’t get away with killing those people. Santino decided to kill him after that killing spree with the Tarasov Syndicate. But not after he collected on the Blood Oath that John made to him. There’s no safe place for him. If you watched the last 2 films. THE HIGH TABLE and The Continental want him dead because they deemed him a threat and he broke rules. Retirement being the very first rule. A Blood Oath or the Marker is useless if the person is in Retirement and they can’t be disturbed by it. But if they spill blood like John Wick did, then the marker becomes relevant and they’re no longer in retirement.