Dont like the 15 character thread header requirement

No likey, the at least, 15 character thread header. What if I want my thread header to be “Monkey poop” or the like?

@dogalmighty…just think of the 15 character thread header limit as replacing the old math quiz?


Oh ok.


Anagram rather than sodoku.

Hey, doG, you could always use “Monkey Poop Poop”. Or maybe, “Poop, monkey, Poop!” Of course, you could always get technical and use, “Primate Excrement”. Hey! Dots could come in handy! Like, “…Monkey Poop…” And even, “…Mon… Poo…” (Sounds French, doesn’t it? Everything sounds much cooler in French. :sunglasses:)

Well a simple workaround could be full stops after the title? I assume spaces count as well so just one full stop and spaces between it and the end of your title maybe? So Monkey Poop would look like:

Monkey Poop .


Monkey Poop…


Beat me to it, that’ll teach me to read the thread first.

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