Does Atheism often lead to Misanthropy?

Of course, I realise Misanthropy isn’t exclusive to Atheism, but is there a higher likely hood of becoming Misanthropic in your world view, if you are an Atheist?

The reason, I personally think that this is likely, is mainly due to the fact; Atheists are a minority, so does it stand to reason, an Atheist will more commonly have frustrating encounters with ignorant people? *

Gustave Flaubert once declared that he would “die of suppressed rage at the folly of [his] fellow men.”

I also find it intriguing that Gustav Flaubert was also an Anti-natilist. This seems to be another common trait amongst Misanthropes.

Personally, I would consider myself a hidden misanthrope, I don’t let people know I despise them, this has never been acceptable in any social situation. Its also not something I can just change, I doubt I was born this way, but more shaped by life experiences?

*ignorant from an Atheist perspective.

Related to topic video:

You’ll probably notice the guy in the video is slightly self entitled, which I guess goes hand in hand with misanthropy, if you let it.

Had to look this word up…

“disliking humankind and avoiding human society.”

Hahahaha - well,
For this group of misanthropics we get along well. We’ve assembled our own tribe, like-minded amongst like-minded.

Of course we don’t “like” the other tribal groups :wink:

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It doesn’t take a god to stop you getting misanthropic. Just getting older will do that to you…squawking youth wasted on the young! The bastards!

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You realize, smiling bird food - if we were given just a “day - ohhhh, lets make it a week” of those “youthful” bodies and our “old minds” AND it was this particular group together… hahahaha the hedonism

I’ve added a relative video to my original post on this thread, for some added perspective.

Fuck!!! Fuck fuck! Jesus fuckin’Christ…

Uh, OK. I guess I could be defined like this - seriously … hahahahaha - about 75-80% descriptive.

My best friend is very social - she drags me out AND I do enjoy myself. I, on the other hand, I ground her more-so - focus less on other’s expectations and opinions to a more “self-defined way of being”.

You see what I mean, misanthropy in the way described by that video, is a lot more akin to the thought processes of an Atheist. :thinking:

I mean, there are definitely parallel reactions to certain social stimulai.

Ironically - in the video, the “misanthrope” says they don’t “trust” people - yet, when they are the “new” guy at work, they take personally the idea that “their approach to a new way of doing something” isn’t trusted.

I moved in my employment years in my “career” driven mostly by learning what I could in an area; getting bored; taking in a new challenge. I never backed down from conflict (a quality that surprisingly many people are not capable of doing) and excelled at “business development” (basically “paid to party”)…

I found, once I was in management, the “new” guy with the bright idea :bulb: didn’t always understand the effects. Someone could specialize, say in coding, but “capturing”
certain information had to be done in certain ways or at certain levels…otherwise it didn’t work.

A balance of open-mindedness to improvement - yes… a complete re-shaping of a process…nope, especially when that person didn’t have the built up experience of ALL the working parts.

Yeah, this was one of the things he said, that made me think he was very self entitled.

For example, in work, I set out certain “principles” for myself (ethically). And they served me well. For example I always “under promised, over delivered). So if my boss asked me when I could give him such-and-such, I’d estimate mentally 5days BUT tell him 10. He’d tell me he’d need it in 7. I’d hum and ha and say I’d need to prioritize it…and he’d say - do what you need to do, but I need it in 7 days. Then I’d deliver it in 5-6 days. He’d be over joyed (he has to answer to someone) and praise me endlessly for my hard work and setting his stuff as a priority. Learnt this from Scotty on Star Trek when dealing with Captain Kirk.

Or if I was unsure and felt an error was going to be made (decision making with no clear cut answer) - I’d error in favor if our “customers”. For example, if a coded process made it easier for our “customer” or “users” their happiness over-rode (they’re paying us) the “happiness” of the coder (whom I’m paying) who may have found a way to make his job simpler.

It’s always good to doggedly stand by your principles, people always respect you more for it in the end.

Very similar to the instance in the video, but from the alternative perspective, I did think that, maybe there was something he overlooked, that was the causation for his work place to function in, as he put it, an inefficient way.

Again, we can’t know that, due lack of information in the video.

But I see what you’re saying.

I’ve watched some star trek, my house mate is a trekky through and through, I think I remember Scott and Kirks interactions, vaguely :upside_down_face:

I preferred shows like farscape, stargate and battle star galatica. (the newer one)

“Generations” is my personal favorite followed by Janeway (Voyageur). Seriously, these two shows probably formed more of my ethics and morality - my interactions with others and considering the “alien point of view” that another comes at me with… and systems to determine whether their POV is valid (using scientific method, removes my own bias and preference for my POV).

More so than the bible or Kingdom Hall meetings (church for all you worldly people out there).

Like one time, Janeway discovers the “white light” everyone talks about with NDE is an alien species that captures/feeds off those last moments…

This sounds like something the SCP foundation would be VERY interested in.

Shhh, they might be listening :joy:

I didn’t know there was a limit on edits :eyes:

For some clarification as to what the Secure Contain Protect foundation is.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, this is a rabbit hole with seemingly no end.

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:musical_score: :musical_note: twilight theme song :notes:

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Misanthropy?? Atheism has nothing at all to do with humanity. Atheists are people who do not believe in God or Gods. Most atheists make a distinction between people and their silly belief systems, with some exceptions. The fucking pedophile protecting Pope and the organization of Catholic priests playing hide the pea with these assholes should all be taken out and shot.

Regardless of a personal belief system, people and organizations are still responsible for the actions they take.

I would argue that religion/theism leads an atheist to being a misanthrope.

All it takes is to watch the idiot Hollywood elites collecting their awards for pretending to be someone on screen and give a speech about their god and all of a sudden I want a one way ticket to mars.


Good question. I think it’s chicken and egg. Perhaps as likely that world views of misanthropy, skepticism and cynicism lead to atheism.

Speaking only for myself, no. I didn’t become atheist until after I turned 40. By that time, my world view had already been formed.

The negative things I’ve discovered about organised religion have mad me more skeptical and cynical about religion. My misanthropy has hardened by simply observing the world.

So today, I have a very low opinion of human beings as a species. However, there are some individuals I like. EG I think there are some pretty good eggs here. So far with one exception, I haven’t run across any believers here I would allow into my house.That’s because they tend to be wilfully ignorant and dishonest.

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For myself it was the opposite. The “world” evil - human society run by Satanic forces … deserving of destruction.

JW was God’s spirit, active on earth. Working hard to save people. Until as a child you’re molested…(not necessarily speaking for myself). The unspoken word is “no reporting” to police - the elders handle it. The elders handled everything.

Coming out of that, the “world” and it’s various organizations (secular) have faults/problems/issues - BUT they are a breath of fresh air AND a huge improvement over “theocratic organizations or governments”.

I find most humans have the well-being of other humans - HOW that is put into action or implemented … well, that depends on a variety of factors and moving parts