Document Embedding

Is it possible to embed a text file or Word document in a post? Only this would make life a lot easier with respect to a major article I want to share with the membership, and which many here would find extremely useful (indeed, I’ve already had a DM request for such an article to be provided by one member here).

I think a new category “Resources” or something with pinned threads would be in order. Earlier, I have aired the possibilities of having a thread with curated contents. But I think a separate category would be better. The format could for example be to start the thread with the important contents (possibly over several postings if necessary) then discussions could follow later in the thread.

I could run with that idea as well. Since I already have a wealth of material pre-edited in forum compatible format to bring here … :slight_smile:

Would it not be easier to post it the Blog area of the main site and post the links here under a heading?

Thought the blog area was reserved for the AR staff?

Really? I trhought you just registered as a blogger.

@Old_man_shouts_at_cl you are correct.

  1. click on Home in the nav bar above
  2. Click Volunteer in that nav bar
  3. Click the Blogger link