Debate challenge

I am a theist, any atheist wanna debate

Debate about what???


God is an outdated term for “Aliens”. You’re “goat herder mythology” is nothing more than accounts from people who were abducted by aliens. Prove me wrong.

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God is a lie. Prove me wrong.

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Sure: Can you demonstrate you are a theist? What evidence do you have that something called a theist actually exists?

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What did you want to debate?

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Welcome, @cahepos509 .

Feeling generous, I’ll be assisting you today.


Oh this is going to be good, though most likely from a comedy standpoint.

Before you start, which of the following paths will you be taking?

[1] Presentation of actual substance that supports the postulates you present, said postulates being formulated with proper attention to detail and rigour;

[2] Peddling of the usual mix of strawman caricatures of scientific postulates and ex recto apologetic fabrications, that we’ve seen so often here before?

You might want to take a close look at several relevant previous threads before proceeding, so that you learn quickly what happens if you make the mistake of selecting option [2].

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Did you use all your data?

Well when you get back online let us now what you want to debate.


Sure, I would love to.

What topic do you wish to explore?

Whether or not God exists?

Whether or not evolution is “true”?

What caused the Big Bang?

How gay people are in a conspiracy to destroy Western civilization?

How the World is only about 6,000 years old?

I’m ready, but before you engage . . . spend some time researching some of the other topics on this forum.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and all of my best.

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He was a drive by, I doubt he’s coming back or that he wants to debate anything.


Too bad. I was hoping we might hear something original.

Well he may come back of course, but it’s been 5 days, and if really wanted debate on a public atheist debate forum, he wasted his one post asking, when all he had to do was jump right in.

Still, you never know, maybe he will surprise us with an original argument.

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