Cult propaganda

So today, on vacation, I came across this piece of paper on the ground. As soon as I noticed the words “personality test” I just knew that this was a $cientology recruiting flyer. Checked the address, and sure enough, it was the address of the local $cientology org, just a couple of blocks away from where I found it. Seems the space opera cultists have toned down the usage of their logos and the Scientology brand name as compared to two or three decades ago, as it was only printed in the smallest font size ever, at the very bottom, in a copyright message.

I did my duty as a responsible person and tossed it in a rubbish bin. I encourage everyone to do the same.

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Germany has banned Scientology as a financially exploitative cult.

Pity several other countries don’t exercise the same legislative courage.


Where I live, the scientologists really are a tiny fringe cult. From what I understand, they have moved locations several times, from prime locations in the most busy inner city to progressively cheaper and less central locations as their numbers have dwindled. I have no idea how many they are now, but I will guess just a couple of handful hardcore members. Anyway, good riddance.

They could add a few more superstitions to that list of banned cults as well.

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Hi! I hope you don’t include the Raelian movement as well.

If I saw a Raelian flyer on the ground, I’d certainly toss it in a bin.
I, for one, think it’s a religious cult. It has overt rules by which to live, a hierarchy of power positions, asks its members for money, sends out missionaries to convert new members, and its founder is a whack job.


I would throw any cult or religious flyer in the bin. Done that before, will do it again.