Court link to Ghislaine Maxwell ongoing Epstein


The link above still works…

The Court plans to have the jury sit 5 days a week from 9am until 5pm. Given that jury selection will be complete by November 19 and opening statements will occur on November 29, the Court requests that the parties provide their best estimate as to when the jury is likely to begin deliberations.

In other news, the MET have decided to take no further action again Prince Andrew, over Virginia Giuffre’s allegations of sexual assault. Historical allegations of sexual misconduct are very hard to prove in court, though this still might leave Giuffre’s lawyers free to pursue a civil suit one assumes?

The whole sorry mess stinks.

Tory MP David Amess, has been fatally stabbed while meeting his constituents during a surgery at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea Essex, on Friday. A 25 year old man of Somali heritage has been arrested, and is being held under anti terrorism laws.

Easy face to face access with your MP, so that they can help their constituents resolve problems, is a uniquely British tradition, and a very good one in my opinion. Sadly this is the second time in recent years a sitting MP has been killed in such an attack. Who can say what this means for such surgeries in the future, but surely at the very least now MP’s will have to be given far better protection and security, and not just when they sit in Parliament. Mr Amess was married with 5 children, and a long serving and very well liked MP, it is a tragic and egregious attack on democracy. The seat will not be contested in a by election, as was the case previously when Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered, and the other major parties did not contest the seat, and rightly so.

It’s a good thing the internet is a good source for definitions, or that would be gibberish to me.
MET = Metropolitan Museum of Art. Commonly shortened to The Met.
Surgery = Medical operating room or what they do there.
MP = Military police. At least that one I’d heard of and knew it was a British politician.

Trump’s legacy has left our election officials, people who didn’t usually have to fear for their lives, getting unprecedented threats. Democrats are being threatened for “stealing the election”, and Republicans if they didn’t tow the line and say the “election was stolen”. Yep, democracy is in trouble.

Sorry, when I set the MET I meant the metropolitan police force.

And that arrogant fuck the oh so proud Duke of York, “mummys favourite boy” is bricking his monogrammed underpants.

I would like to see the Drumpf connection explored a litlle more…

Guilty, 5 counts of 6. Lawyers expressing disappointment at verdict. Yeah right, it’s a win win, guilty and they start an expensive appeal, innocent and they’re the legal team that got Maxwell off.

P Andrew, mentioned in news article. This isn’t going away.

Her representation is already cooking the appeal up to pitch.

‘One of Ms. Maxwell’s lawyers, Bobbi C. Sternheim, said outside the courthouse: “We firmly believe in Ghislaine’s innocence. Obviously, we are very disappointed with the verdict. We have already started working on the appeal and we are confident that she will be vindicated.”’

Even should she cooperate with the investigation and start taking others down with her, though, she’ll likely still be be looking at a long stretch. The prosecutors had a strong case.