Contemplating the possibility I Am Almost Out Of Weed (OT)

Going to cry I only have one bowl full left as I smoked the rest.

Watching Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 Dead Man’s Chest, Will place in At World’s End after this.

Get a VR headset - it is an awesome distraction (or just buy some more weed).

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As soon as I have money I will be getting more, but PA has not legalized yet so I have to get it from people I know who will get it for me.

Try growing your own.

LED lights are effective, and extremely cost effective.

Use a couple of 5 gallon restaurant buckets with several holes drilled in the bottom, a layer of gravel, and Miracle Grow potting soil.

The seeds can be germinated with peat pellets. Use small amounts of epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) dissolved in water . . . maybe 1/4 tablespoon per gallon . . . to supply needed magnesium when you water, but only do this about once a week, with pure water on the other days.

After about 6 weeks or so, use an appliance timer to change the lighting to 12 hours on and 12 hours off, which will spur the plants to produce buds (or “kolas”) if they are female plants.

Cull any male (or hermaphrodite) plants, as they will ruin the sensimellia if they fertilize the females with their pollen.

Use a jeweller’s loupe to check for pests like aphids, plant mites, and/or whiteflies, and if you get them, then use an organic, food-safe pesticide made for vegetables.

Keep your growing buckets in a kid’s swimming pool to protect your floor from water damage and stains.

Also, get blackout drapes for the windows so that no light gets in or out of the room. This isn’t just for privacy, but also to protect the plants from light during the 12 hour dark period. An oscillating fan set up to circulate air through the plants is also very beneficial, as this dissipitates waste heat from the light source, and helps prevent fungal infection of the plants.

It’s always a good idea to shower and bathe before visiting the grow room (also naked or in underware, if possible) because pests–and their eggs–can be tracked in on shoes and clothing, as some pest eggs can be almost microscopic.

If you follow these instructions, 60 days or so after planting the first seeds can give you enough reefer to last for 6 or 7 months of edibles and heavy smoking.

No sketchy risk exposure (or blackmail) by buying from drug dealers, less chance of being busted by going into sleazy areas to buy drugs, and no chance of smoking weed laced with other drugs like methamphetamine or PCP.

I hope this helps.

There used to be issues with a government program called “Operation Green Merchant,” where the DEA monitored peoples’ electric bills.

If you use LED lights instead of the older high-pressure sodium lights, then you’ll cut your electricity usage by over 80% for the same amount of light, and there will be less waste heat to draw the attention of infrared cameras . . . if such things concern you, which–in my mind–shouldn’t . . . but I’m not in your situation.

Law enforcement is mostly concerned with busting dealers, and they’re more concerned with fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine before reefer.

That having been said, people can be busted for growing weed, so discretion is very important. No bragging, no boasting, no supplying free weed to your friends.

If one of your friends got busted for something else, they may dime you out for a lighter and/or suspended sentence.

Why don’t you just quit smoking that shit?

That is asking someone to give up something they enjoy. If I asked you to give up some things that make you feel good, I deserve to get a huge “fuck you’” in return.

To each their own I guess.


Just like a great many American gun owners. Can’t really say more than that because I’m allergic to marijuana

It’s been legal in Canada for 3 years now and aside from the businesses that have opened… nothings changed. I’ve only smelt it once in the smoking areas.

It hasn’t been a big deal.

Those that toke, toke - those that don’t, don’t.

Makes sense. That’s how I feel towards every Christian that tries to force their religion on me.

Of all the illegal drugs, reefer seems the least harmful.

Even so, I claim that there are many times when reefer has killed people (I was a paramedic). Further, I claim that these deaths fly under the radar.

To explain what I mean, consider that weed is a potent antiemetic that prevents vomiting . . . which is why it’s good for chemotherapy patients being treated for cancer.

The bad thing is that it’s a potent antiemetic.

When kids in college go to parties, they sometimes binge drink huge amounts of booze until they get sick.

The problem is when they smoke weed at the same time, and they don’t vomit.

Because they don’t vomit, they sometimes die (or end up in a coma) from an alcohol overdose.

In my mind, I believe that nurses and doctors are so accustomed to thinking of weed as being harmless . . . at least when compared to heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and PCP . . . that they don’t consider how weed contributed to the alcohol overdose.

Please note that I’m not talking about someone who comes home from a stressful day at work and chooses to relax in a hot tub with some New Orleans jazz music, a joint, and one glass of wine . . . but, rather, kids whom binge drink to show off to their friends while smoking huge amounts of weed.

Another issue that may be obscuring these deaths is the point that different strains of weed are good for different things . . . which is like saying MacIntosh apples are good for making applesauce, Granny Smiths are good for apple pies, and Red Delicious are good for making cider.

Some strains of weed are better for nausea, while others may be better for pain, and some strains are good for sleep.

So . . . never mix weed (or any other drug) with alcohol.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but can you all see my points? I sometimes find it difficult to communicate.

It’s relative. Smoked regularly, marijuana can be as harmful as tobacco. Smoked daily it’s been linked to aneurisms, although there have ben no studies showing that so far as I know.

Heroin addiction often kills the addict . However, that has more to do with strength varying wildly and addicts will often contract Hep C from shared needles. Synthetic drugs are in a different category as far as I know.

Did you know that LSD was not originally illegal? It was made illegal in the UK in 1966, and in 1968 in the US.


People who regularly smoke weed might find the clip below of interest. Made in 1936: Colourised and restored: (I think it’s hilarious)

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Any drugs, taken to excess, can be harmful. One should attempt to moderate and learn the effects.

I can say that now, but in my late teens and early 20’s I was one of those who went to excess in everything. IMO those are when the young lion challenges the alpha male for dominance, when one believes they are invulnerable.

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Reefer madness is one of my favorite movies . . . although I didn’t know they colorized it.

Thank you for posting it.

Don’t get me started.

South Florida seems–at times–to be the ultimate drug capitol of the Western World.

I have run on more heroin overdoses than I could reasonably count, more alcoholics, more pill heads . . . you get the idea.

One thing which I utterly, completely, and totally despised were people who were so desperate for drugs that they would deliberately hurt and injure their own dogs so that they could use the veterinary pain killers that the vets perscribed.

This–to me–was something so awful that I had nightmares about it, and there was nothing I could do to help the animals.

Yes, I’m an animal lover, and I’ve have a very close bond with my dogs. Deliberately hurting them to get pain pills from a vet is so awful to me that I wanted to beat the living shit of my patients whom did this.

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Oh no. It’s always depressing to learn of a new depth that people can sink to. I’d heard of people with access to others medications replacing prescription painkillers with tylenol or such, but someone hurting their pet then taking their pain medicine never occurred to me.

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I will never touch any narcotics or drugs except alcohol or doctor-prescribed medicines. I was once (20+ years ago) tricked into eating space cake. The “baker” didn’t reveal the crucial ingredient until after everyone present had tasted. I didn’t like the taste of the cake so fortunately I only ate one piece. The intoxication effects were unpleasant and it ruined my weekend because I couldn’t do my then favourite pastime activity, which depended on being completely sober. I’m still pissed off about it.

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Me neither, except alcohol because I’m a recovering alcoholic. Pretty sure some recovering alcoholics may be able to drink alcohol again. I don’t because I’m not willing to risk going back to that dark place again.

AA recommends recovering alcoholics avoid narcotic based painkillers, such as codeine. I will take most medicines my doctor prescribes, once I know about side effects, always reserving the right not to take any medication. Eg a former doctor once prescribed an ointment for a rash. Possible side effects included liver failure. I ended up using a prescribed sulphur based ointment. Have taken the odd vitamin supplement recommended by my doctor, such as vitamin D. Because I’m an old fart who doesn’t spend enough time outside.