Constintine's Beliefs

Some very interesting stuff. Eusebius’s account of Constantine’s dream was written 13 years after the Original account, which did not mention Constantine’s vision at all.

Much more evidence that Constantine never converted to Christianity… but then that is pretty common knowledge if you do any reading. Constantine’s wife was the Christian.

Anyway, I found this video very interesting.


Very true. Constantine was a pragmatist and an outstanding politician and realised the the Empire needed a unifying religious factor. The Christians had been causing trouble and fomenting unrest for a century or more and were likely to destroy the Empire.
Constantine was an unrepentant Apollonian/Mithrain as were most of the Legions in the 4th Century CE.

Hence the forced adoption of many of the pictorial, architectural and burial motifs of sun worship as Christianity gradualy became the forced religion of the 5th Century Empire.

A broad comparison can be made with the tactics the Churches (as diverse now as they were in the 4th Century) are using in the US, causing division , disruption and offering a lockstep way forward if only every citizen (on pain of death) believed (behaved) the same way.

Plus ca change…

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