Coexist, now a way of life

There’s one born every minute.

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Jesus fuckin’Christ- any reason for your thread? Any thoughts???

If you’re the meme guy - your ass is grass… lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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There is no ‘A’ in ‘COEXIST’. Life continues as usual.

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Well, I think it depends on what one means by ‘coexist’. At a personal level it’s not killing people one hates. On a daily basis it’s not setting fire to people who irritate me at the shopping centre.

Of course the simplest way is as Cog has pithily demonstrated; stick your head up your arse and hum, until you run out of air and die. :innocent:



Jog on.

I feel like a swastika would look really nice in that graphic. Let’s not forget that before Hitler adopted it as the flag of his National Socialist party - it was an ancient philosophical and religious symbol of many cultures - most notably perhaps the Vedic culture of India. Meaning growth; regeneration; and continuity (among other things). Throw a swastika in that graphic and I’m on board!


Good history - but it has changed hasn’t it (the meaning)?

Throw a swastika on the board and you’re out with it.

Kudos, if one more person tuts loudly then exclaims REALLY? in a loud ostentatious fashion, when I happen to be 1.999999 meters away, I swear I’ll set fire to the store and kill everyone…

Well not really, but I feel I had no choice but to up the ante with my hyperbole here after the buildup.

I’ll probably just mutter cunt quietly to myself same as usual.

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Well fuck me, have a like for making me laugh…:laughing::laughing:

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Another of my absolute favs is a young child throwing a tanty and emitting those spine decalcifying screams. I have an urge to take in a brick on a string. With a flick of the wrist I can chastise the mother. A child at that age acts on instinct and what it’s been taught, no filter.

I did that yesterday with unbecoming intolerance. There was this bloke with a shaved head at the check out. His head and neck were completely tattooed and each arm has a full sleeve.

For reasons I don’t understand, people with that level of tattooing provoke some extreme reactions from me “Stupid cunt and I’ll bet he’s an axe murderer, or will be”, that kind of thing.

I’m beginning to think I might have a phobia about tattoos. I was taught that there was something wrong with people who have a lot of tattoos. It was true in the army. However, they were all vets so probably just as nutty without the tatts.

In fact, I’m the only person I know who has even ONE tattoo. (upper right arm, New Year’s Eve, Singapore 1969)

When I was a youngster, an old friend of my grandma once accidently revealed a tattoo on his lower arm when he stayed for tea one afternoon. I saw three numbers. The rest was hidden in the shadow of his shirt sleeve. He eventually covered up. I was intrigued but my grandma was big on manners, pre-1960s style, so I kept my questions for later.

She explained he had been a Holocaust Jew, enslaved by the Nazis, and of course they had tattooed a permanent number on his arm for the purposes of identifying him The Germans have always been stringent on keeping records. She casually added that the same was done for black people in the southern states of America to help identify, punish and return escaped slaves. I could not stop myself thinking of how cattle were branded. Put me off tatts forever.

As for choosing what artwork to adorn my body, it’s the permanency that deters me. I like to replace posters on my wall when I tire of looking at them or they lose their relevance. It would have to have been an astounding or permanently meaningful tattoo for me and frankly, over the years I have discovered nothing in the way of images or words that have ever been of enduring significance for me.

On a practical level if anyone ever wanted to identify my corpse, they can check the contents of my wallet, my DNA or my dental records.

A bit of trivia: Unique hand knit sweaters were considered useful for identifying the bodies of dead fishermen. Not only would a wool aran sweater knit in the grease (lanolin left in) keep your man warm, you could easily identify his unrecognizable corpse.

Ahhhhhhhh, you’re not going to tell us what it is? I’m guessing you’d had a wee nip to drink? That could cloud your decision making processes :slight_smile:
A lot of my christian acquaintances have tattoos. I doubt they even know the bible prohibits tattoos. They really should read that thing some time. They could end up in hell on a technicality. Of course, it’s in the old testament, so that’s always a good excuse for ignoring it. I’d read somewhere that sailors would get crucifixes tattooed on their backs to avoid floggings. Not sure if that’s true , or if it would even have the desired effect. There’s something of an urban legend that says a guy got f***k you tattooed on his hand so it showed when he saluted to avoid the Vietnam draft. Sounds better than a punctured ear drum.

It’s no secret, and yes I was as pissed as a fart.

Description: At the top is my blood group. The drawing itself is a crude rendition of a rising sun over a blue sea with crossed kukris (Gurkha knives) below that is a scroll, with the caption: “'Singapore 1969-170”

As you might gather, the colour has faded a bit over the last 50 years. It looks worse than when it was first done, and I didn’t think that was possible. It’s quite small, about 3x4 inches.

Oh, I freaked the next morning after I had sobered right up and looked in the mirror. Since that time only a few women and a couple of doctors have ever seen it.

Wow, a true work of art :slight_smile:. On the plus side, a crazy person who kills people to turn their tattoos into nice lamp shades, won’t want yours.

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Probably not, seeing has she was hanged in 1946.

ALTHOUGH: When I was gossoon there was an urban legend about a couple of medical students who stole the skin from the back of a corpse and made wallets.

My fav coms from Japan. Of a woman in Tokyo being apprehended with a pocketful of penises. None had been reported missing.

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Well to be fair Cranky. losing a penis is the ultimate height of carelessness and really not something you would want to declare as ‘missing’. The most embarrassing thing would have to provide a description of the missing appendage to police…“I am sorry sir, you say it was how big? (Guffaw!)”
I dare say there maybe many more pockets full of penises than we are made aware of.

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Urrrrrrrghhhh. Now I can’t get “Tan Me Hide When I’m Dead Fred” from playing in my head like a stuck record.
Your tattoo doesn’t sound all that bad. At least you didn’t commit that common tattoo faux pas and get a wife or lovers name emblazoned on your body. I think the regret rate on those is pretty high.