Church Performs Unauthorized Production of ‘Hamilton’

lol those fucking idiots. Looks like they’re going to be paying more of that “tithe” money they waste to amuse their followers in a copyright lawsuit. I hope Lin Manuel Miranda wins the case.

A megachurch is being accused of ripping off the award-winning musical ‘Hamilton.’ The Door Christian Fellowship Ministries in McAllen, Texas allegedly put on a production that “changed lyrics and added text without permission” to reference the Bible and Jesus. Currently, there are seven authorized productions of the musical. Hamilton’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is now sending a cease and desist letter to the church calling it an “Illegal, unauthorized production.”

Jesus take the wheel!

Except for this wheel. He’s not going to have shit on this one.


@Bluedoc If only that model functioned.


Lol I wish there were tons more lawsuits being directed at mega churches. At least then we’d know that tithe money would actually being going to those who have a use for it. :drooling_face:


I agree, but sadly they have laws that benefit them. Because they are immune to external audit, they can move money around and avoid paying penalties.

Every Christian I talk to denies it. They say the church system helps people. Sure, because they say they are and believers are taking their word for it. You will hardly find an article on Google about how churches rip people off. When I went to church they always had their hand out wanting 10 to 20 percent (if not every penny) of your paycheck. 5 churches in my town refused to house a homeless man who desperately needed their help. They said he was not a member of their church and didn’t have to. Fuck them. They’ll sit down and say we’re doing this project or that project. No. It’s a waste of money on half the shit they do. They’re no better then the Catholic church in Italy who greedily holds onto hoardes of priceless art and money they’ve been conning people out of over the centuries.

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Who fucking cares? Everything is about money, especially religion and politics.

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