Christians being slaughtered in Nigeria

TLDR Muslims are wanting the Christians out of the country so they’re killing them. Your thoughts?

I’m appalled naturally, but then I always am when people imagine their beliefs entitle them to commit murder, or in any way inflict suffering on those who don’t share those beliefs.


Yea, it is rather disheartening. Unfortunately this is a grizzly truth I have come to expect. Having been a former missionary as a youth in a foreign country, the blissful ignorance and complete lack of general mindfulness of American Christians is APPALLING. To say the least! I regret every instant of being in another country under the guise of “helping” the “unsaved” find the lord. If other mission groups are anything like the one I went with, I can unfortunately understand this. The intentional manipulation and coercion from these “good intentioned” people is fucking coo-coo bananas insane. Explaining to someone the heinously awful things your god will do to them in order to scare them into your cult beliefs is still sickening to me even many years later. I can only imagine the animosity some might feel towards the group I was with. At the time I did not even grasp in the slightest bit the magnitude of hatred there is between certain religions.

I see it as a rather rationalized response from the perspective of they are being threatened by people with eternal torture to scare them into belief. So as illogical as it seems, the instinctive response is to eradicate this perceived threat. Unfortunately eradicating the tempter is easier than refuting them. It is still troubling for me to have partaken in all of this as an unwitting participant. Fortunately I can now try to see it from both sides.

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5000 a year? More Christians than that are murdered per year in the South.

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Well, that’s one solution. I’m sorry. but Nigerian Christians? The same Christians that are out there burning witches? The same Christians’ that are pouring boiling water on their children or driving metal spikes into their heads.

Okay, I get that Muslims are killing Christians in Nigeria. These are not your Christians next door.

Nigerian Christians Attack Muslims, Kill Dozens

‘32,000 Muslims killed in 3 years’ — MURIC counters US lawmakers on Christian persecution in Nigeria

Fact is, Nigeria has its problems and there is a religious civil war being conducted in the country,. All sides have their opinions.

In the end… Just another religious war based on hatred and ignorance.


Any human killing another unjustly, is obviously abhorrent.


More evidence of the pernicious and destructive effects of religion. Digging in reveals a truth not illuminated by the pro-xtian propaganda.

The original article from American Family News, quotes and references the Family Research Council, a despicably biased and prejudiced pro-xtian organization. While it is obvious that the entirety of the conflicts lie at the feet of religion, I am extremely reluctant to take FRC’s word for anything without independent verification. Thanks Cog for the articles you referenced for a more balanced view. Here is a link about FRC:
Thanks @MrDawn and @Cognostic

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