Christianity is a vector for COVID-19

Christian churches in Australia have raised concerns about the leading COVID-19 vaccine candidate because of the use of cells from aborted foetuses in its development.

A senior Australian health official said, “I think we can have every faith that the way they have manufactured the vaccine has been against the highest of ethical standards internationally.” “Faith” may not have been the best choice of words.

Meanwhile in South Korea, another Christian sect is helping to spread the disease among it’s mostly elderly followers.

The world is in the grips of a pandemic. It’s main symptoms are the collapse of critical thinking faculties, the loss of IQ points, and the emergence of a sheep-like personality.

Not at all surprised.

All of the christian sects have always been fundamentally anti science, it’s a only a matter if degree. By that I mean scientific discoveries and advances have only ever been accepted if they do not contradict dogma.

Perhaps the evangelicals the most obviously ignorant and bloody minded.

The Catholics have had 2000 year’s practice. So I guess that they seem to me to be the most deeply corrupt and mendacious shouldn’t come as a surprise.

So it wouldn’t be immediately obvious among many believers

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Glaringly obvious to outsiders. Right over the heads of believers.

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I’ve had just conducted an online search and found this site
The article here suggests that all vaccines ever produced have been based on original fetal tissue taken and maintained from just two legally voluntarily aborted fetuses in the early 1960’s.
“The same cells have continued to grow in a laboratory and are still used to make vaccines today. No additional fetal cells have been harvested since then, but the topic is controversial because of the original source.”

The image I have had is that abortions have been continually harvested for embryonic genetic material. This original material has been used in vaccines for every disease beating vaccine for sixty years.
And its ironic that the Archbishop of Sydney should be warning Catholics against the ‘sin’ of vaccines when in 2017 Pope Francis’s Pontifical Academy for Life issued the following statement:

In the past, vaccines had been prepared using cells from aborted human fetuses, however currently used cell lines are very distant from the original abortions… It should be noted that today it is no longer necessary to obtain cells from new voluntary abortions, and that the cell lines on which the vaccines are based in are derived solely from two fetuses originally aborted in the 1960’s. From the clinical point of view, it should also be reiterated that treatment with vaccines, despite the very rare side effects, is safe and effective.

The Vatican has been vacillating on ‘God’s’ official position on this matter for the past 60 years as well. The politics behind this 2017 announcement followed a major reshuffle of appointments within the Academy but that’s another story in itself.

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Just had my bi annual buzz cut.

While I was waiting, the barber (40-ish) was talking to the bloke whose hair he was cutting. (about the same age) Each was of the opinion that covid19 [in Australia] is bullshit. This was because neither man knows anyone who has contracted the virus , nor knows anyone who knows anyone who has contracted the virus. Each man is respecting social distance and I noticed the barber wash his hand thoroughly before cutting my hair.

I just sat there feeling a bit stunned. When it was my turn, we talked about the barber’s country, Bosnia. He opined that before the civil war,the country was a worker’s paradise . I realised he would have been about 12 at the time.

I’m beginning to suspect that a person need not be dogmatically religious to be ignorant and rather stupid.

I’m pretty sure vaccines existed before the 1960s :stuck_out_tongue:

And now we (the US) are politicizing our vaccine approval process. That might be scarier than COVID-19 itself.

“I’m pretty sure vaccines existed before the 1960s”
Yeah…well…only out by 300 years. lol
Did I mention I’m not a doctor? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ignorant stupidity, they can fuck right off…

So by inference leaving millions die in pain is moral? That sounds like theism, they’re moral compass is properly fucked up.

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If there is really a christian god, it obviously has heaven set aside for the very stupid and gullible.


Here’s an old familiar face pushing the same old bullshit
Jim Bakker and friends declaring face masks are satanic and asking: How in the hell can ‘God’ hear your prayers through a face mask?..I had no idea deafness was a problem for the omnipotent.
It’d be funny if there were not so many deaths as a consequence.

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And I had to add this, Pat Robertson knows corona virus is due to “Lady Chemicals”. I assume ‘God’ told him during one of their celebrated ‘tete-a-tetes’, sitting around like regular guys talking about cunnilingus and Fords.

So if Jim Bakker needs surgery, I guess he’ll ask the surgeons to work without masks. He’d better hope nobody sneezes.

Wife Tammy?

Isn’t he the dweeb who appeared on TV blubbering “I have sinned” after being detected visiting prostitutes?

Seems like a stereortypical televangelist. Does he have a private jet?

Favourite true story: From memory, I think this is right:

Jerry Falwell once sued Larry Flint, publisher of Hustler . Seems the magazine published a cartoon depicting Jerry being blown by his mother in the outhouse. Jerry lost.

I’m not sure about a jet, but he had an air conditioned kennel for his dogs.

Since getting out of jail he’s made a career pushing survivalist products. He’s also written a book called “I Was Wrong”.

Well if he’s suggesting people be allowed to move around in public without masks during a pandemic, then he probably doesn’t grasp how germs and viruses spread anyway. Though undoubtedly many theists are convinced natural phenomena can be usurped by faith and prayer, so who fucking knows what these superstitious morons are going to do or say next.

What gets me is these evangelicals would disappear unknown if “people” stopped watching and sending them money :yen:. Fuck me… do they fulfill a need or create a want to sell??? I don’t fucking know…

Ugh. Not only are they forcing their unevidenced opinion of what is and is not human life, but they always are so black and white about it. What about aborted fetuses of fetuses that were never going to live? Or aborted fetuses of fetuses that would of killed the mother if brought to term?

I want the right to have my body to be used to advanced medical science when I pass away. But if it is a fetus suddenly that is not allowed? WTF?


It seems to me that an equally possible hypothetical, is that an omnipotent omniscient deity is try to weed the cunts out.