Christian News Propaganda

TLDR, the gun jams, the perp is tackled, and suddenly it’s a “Jesus miracle”. I suddenly feel like this story was set up to feed Christian Propaganda.

Not overly convinced of that pastor’s faith, he practically pissed his pants and ran…no, dived for cover. Don’t get me wrong that was the sensible rational choice, but to go from that to “yeah, goddunit wivah miracul” is simply too funny to ignore. :rofl:

Though of course a gun jamming has a perfectly natural explanation that is in accordance with natural and scientific law, thus it is not by definition a miracle, and of course even were this not the case, and it were entirely inexplicable, and so assert that having no contrary explanation of an event was evidence it was a miracle is an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy, and thus irrational by definition, and the weakest and poorest of reasoning.

FWIW if it was real and not staged, then I am glad no one was hurt. It’s a shame however that this deity they imagine to be real and have intervened here, appears to sit idly by while countless people including children are killed daily.

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