Change email address?

I’m trying to change the email address on this forum, but I can’t figure out how.
In Preferences->Account, my user name and email are listed, but I cannot find any places to click in order to change the email address. Am I looking at the wrong place, or is it in fact impossible to change the email?

Just write all the information down here and I will do it for you.
Name: _______________
Current Address: ________________
Phone # _____________________
Mother’s Maiden Name: __________________________
SS# _________________
Bank Name and Address: ___________________
International Routing # _______________
Cking Account # _________________ Current Balance $_______________
Sving Account # _________________ Current Balance $ _______________
PIN # ________________________________________


That’s a US form. And I’m not US-based. Nyah, nyah, nyah. :kissing_heart:

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여기에 모든 정보를 적어두면 내가 대신 처리해 드리겠습니다.
이름: _______________
현재 주소: ________________
핸드폰 # _____________________
어머니의 결혼 전 이름: __________________________
봄 여름 시즌# _________________
은행 이름 및 주소: ___________________
국제 라우팅 번호 _______________
Cking 계정 번호 _________________ 현재 잔액 $_______________
Sving 계정 번호 _________________ 현재 잔액 $ _______________
PIN 번호 ________________________________________

@Get_off_my_lawn, I’ve been rooting around to see if there is a way to change your email address. Have come up empty to far but will continue looking for a solution.