Carry On Catholics

“Business as Usual”

" Reporters storm out of press conference after Catholic officials ask for silence on child abuse report"


The headline above is slightly misleading … the catholics were not asking for “silence” in terms of “shut up I’m talking”… they were demanding that all the reporters sign a confidentiality agreement, [calling for] their “absolute silence” on the contents of the report … every single reporter stood up and walked out .


It is a new world, when will the leaders of the roman catholics understand that from a global perspective, they no longer have the power to control others?

For the reporters who walked out, I applaud each and every one of them.

“Archbishop Hesse, who spent a decade as a senior figure in Cologne until 2017, has threatened to sue if the full report is published, fearing damage to his reputation.”

That quote from the article sums up the attitude of churches on their own evil behavior. They’re more concerned about further harm to their own already abysmal reputations, than about the profound harm they’ve done to children.

Disgusting but not at all surprising.

IMO the Catholic church has been ineffably corrupt since the fourth century. It was then one of dozens of sects won the lottery and was made the state religion of the Roman Empire. It was from that the church gained power and control a time.

In Spite of Pope Francis’ breast beating and promises of transparency , I’ll be stunned if he does anything about this report. Eg asking for an unredacted copy and releasing it to journalists in full an without conditions.

At that time, the Italian Air Force Special Squadron ’ i Maiali Volanti’ will fly over St Peter’s Square in formation…

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