Carry On Again Catholics

" Mother and Baby Homes: religious orders should not be scapegoats, says Roman Catholic Primate"


Which is odd ,really … when you consider that the Commission of Investigations final report… finally published a couple of days ago … says otherwise… and says it quite lodly in 2865 pages…

Anyway what the good Archbishop (& I use the word “good” quite incorrectly) appears to be saying is that because society didn’t care and no one else could be bothered … the catholic church in its various guises took it on itself to demonstrate just how low they could sink. Abandoning all morals and eschewing all ethics they chose to act as the very lowest of the low…indulging in forced labor ,enforced separation of mothers and children ,offering children for sale , allowing their infant charges to be used in medical experiments … burying the inevitable dead babies in a sewage pit …

Personally I think the Archbishop would be better served spending his time filling in the forms for him to re-apply for membership of the human race. in stead of trying to justify the un-justifiable.

For those with strong stomachs you can find the full report here …


but I warn you it aint pretty.

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This is going to take awhile…
Straight off though:

“Improvements in society generally and in the institutions came gradually. Significant changes included the introduction of free post- primary education in the 1960s and the changes consequent on membership of the then EEC from 1973. 1973 also saw the introduction of the Unmarried Mother’s Allowance; this was the first time a direct State payment was available to assist an unmarried woman to rear her child in the community.”

Thanks secular humanists! News! Humans!!!

Funny how these religious institutions sure the fuck don’t set any type of high moral standard for the protection and care of people AND they are always moved forward “kicking and screaming :scream: “ when it comes to human issues.

Pro-birth standards…
No fucking standard for “life”.

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Don’t forget enslavement of the mothers in the Magdalene Laundries.

Scapegoat?! Don’t you need to be innocent to be a scapegoat?

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Someone - email this report to each and every member… lol


Nothing that the catholic church does or has done in the past surprises me. I don’t know what’s worse, this example of their moral superiority, or conspiring with the nazi party to help smuggle their officers out of europe during WWll.

–and after, helping war criminals escape to Argentina and other South American countries. There were some quite high ranking Catholic clerics who openly supported the fascists.

Pope Pius X11 is a different matter even after some archives were recently released… Racist and anti semite or saviour of tens of thousands of Jews. I’m so far unable to reach an informed opinion.

Thought for the day; “Archbishop: A Christian ecclesiastic of a rank superior to that attained by Christ” (H L Mencken)

Found this … amazing story

A little off topic but I love some of the stories that came out of that time period.

Some of the Western Isles are still very catholic. Historically there was a great divide between the mainland lowland and eastern protestants (Presbyterians) and the devoutly Catholic Islands and Highlands.

The local priest and middle aged men wield considerable influence in some islands even today…which is why (and they never see it) the population of natives is declining rapidly being replaced in many places by the “English” (which includes all mainlanders) . It wont be long before that life will be gone forever.

I have frequently seen young people who were restricted in learning about sex by their religious community. Most marry as virgins, and have no idea what to do on their wedding night, frequently making it a traumatic experience.

Others do get loose from their closeted life, but have no idea on relationships or self control. Often they go on a rampage, causing harm to themselves and others.

A lack of sex education can lead to an incredibly, harmful, traumatic, and troubling period in their lives.

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a rough one, with hormones, peer pressure, and various obstacles. A lack of sex education is one more obstacle that does not need to be there.

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When I was 12, my mother gave me a pamphlet put out/ endorsed by the church. That was preceded by my class teacher trying to give us a lecture whilst his face turned an interesting shade of puce and twisting his body into impossible shapes. I think it’s fair to say that everyone in that room was mortified and learned exactly nothing.

At 16 I found a book which changed my life; “The Psychology Of Sex” by Havelock Ellis. Although far from perfect***, the book explained how I was a normal adolescent male. Now that was a relief

The church either didn’t understand or didn’t care that behaviour which had been a mortal sin all of one’s life was suddenly perfectly acceptable. ( one became deeply, thoroughly, married.)

It’s been my observation that the Greeks or the Jews may have invented guilt, but it was the Catholics who perfected it.

***For example, Havelock Ellis opined that homosexuality was a perversion, and explained how to 'cure 'it. As a pig ignorant 16 year old Catholic chap, that sounded quite reasonable to me.

I had zero sex education from my family, I learned all of it outside of the church and family…

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My mom had two talks with me. One when I was about 7-8 about where “babies come from” and the functions of how they got there and also around 11 about my period coming.

Any questions I had were dismissed to be explained to me when I was “older” (that never happened) - so school was the biggest educator :woman_teacher: - the odd health class and the kids.

We didn’t have anything remotely like a health class. The other kids at school were a gold mine of disinformation.

Penthouse and Playboy were no real help. I thought they tended to be misogynist. Always loathed the shallow, self absorbed hedonism of Hugh Hefner. Still liked looking at pictures and reading the odd article though.

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Just a quick update… a further report has been issued ,this time into the Mother & Baby homes in Northern Ireland …

Publication of Research Report on Mother and Baby Homes and Magdalene Laundries in Northern Ireland …

Full report found here… and again it ain’t pretty …


Pretty sure there was a movie some years ago set in that place. Can’t think of the name.

Nothing new here … same old catholics doing what they always do … I log it here only to record the the fact that there is still no sign of the church re-applying to re-join the human race…

On and on it goes … never ending … perpetual horror …

French Catholic church expresses ‘shame’ after report finds 330,000 children were abused

Church asks for forgiveness as it accepts findings of ‘appalling’ abuse by clergy and lay members over 70 years …

(French Catholic church expresses ‘shame’ after report finds 330,000 children were abused | France | The Guardian)

and of course … this too is an ongoing disgrace…

‘A stain on our society’

A panel has called for a public inquiry to be held into institutions for unmarried mothers in Northern Ireland.

The three experts also advised that there should be immediate redress payments to survivors.

(Mother-and-baby homes: Panel backs public inquiry - BBC News)

These are the ones known.

In Canada, we’re up to about 6500 bodies of children at the residential schools. This is just Canada - the USA hasn’t even begun.

YET no one has been charged criminally.
YET the church is still NOT paying (hiding $$$ and creative bookworms) … :face_vomiting:

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In Australia Most States have “Prohibited Organisation” legislation designed to prevent organised crime. Members of such organisations identified by the Courts are prohibited from associating with each other, prohibited from wearing identifying clothing/badges etc and a host of other restrictions.

The Catholic Church fulfils the criteria for being declared a Prohibited Organisation, having it’s assets stripped, priestly garb banned, association with anyone under 16 banned on a promise of a minimum 2 year sentence.



All part of god’s rich plan, to show us how much he loves us, along with cancer, Parkinson’s, dementia, malaria and unexplained sudden infant mortality.

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