Canadian Politics (sorry, eh?)

Ah… I do love keeping an eye on the parties. Our opposition leader was booted (Erin O’Toole) by his party and the second is now leading the opposition until the Conservatives choose their new leader.

My $$$$ is on this guy… Pierre Poilievre (he’s young, speaks French and has a (imo) a French sounding last name, ties to the West (UofC and Harper) and can actually debate.

He supports leaving Canada abortion laws “as is”, and initially voted against gay marriage (what Conservative didn’t???) but has openly said he views it as a success and again will leave well enough alone. He was married in Portugal and has two (? memory) kids.

This is a short clip of him and Trudeau (Trudeau finally catches on and provides a definition, lol)

IMAGINE if politicians actually had to “up their game” in debate and facts and leave behind simple, emotional rhetoric

Trudeau is a coward and a moron, why do you keep re-electing this piece of crap up there? Also, why hasn’t he been “canceled” because of his many Blackface incidents? Hey, take off you hoser!

Sadly most of the Cdn people are completely unaware of the game being played between the Liberal and Conservative Governments over the past 5 decades or so. Leaders and MP’s from both parties constantly denounce each other saying whatever it takes to get the votes and to keep their seat. Time and time again they all say they will do this or that for the good of the hard working Canadians only to let them down. It is time for a new type of government, time to kick all of the crony, career politicians the hell out of Ottawa. They dont give a shit about us “commoners”…

What’s happening at the border right now with the truck driver protests is fucked up. Trudeau couldn’t have done a worse job than he has so far, that asshole needs to go.

What type would you suggest?

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The type of government that puts the Canadian people first and is not a puppet to the orders of the Globalist establishments (World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Banks,etc). Also, we need a government that will be willing to introduce referendums on ALL important matters before they can make decisions. Let the people have a say on those important matters.

How would you suggest Canada engage with other nations globally? Agreement on international matters does not make a nation a “puppet”. We cannot just “bow out” (check the status of countries that do not have any international input or say) plus our resources make us “prime for the plucking”. Trade and world affairs (for peace-keeping, humanitarian missions, immigration, etc) our business interests (oil abroad) and again, minerals (we’ve had disagreements with the USA in the past 4 years) free trade vs tariffs - other national interests and influences that can undermine the integrity of our national interests (spy-craft so-to-speak) and defence supports. How would Canada engage if no longer working with other nations in a recognized, binding manner?

Our government has held referendums on important matters. We have Ministries with experts in the fields that facilitate Education, Health, Military, Environment, Parks Services, etc.

I prefer a government that (since it’s made up of representatives of districts and average people) that takes its guidance from the expertise within the fields.

Most people are busy trying to run their own lives and make decisions to personally benefit them (and many struggle at that) let alone “make decisions” without expertise in areas that effect all Canadians.

Also, would it be “majority” only voices?

If you haven’t figured out out to have your say, then I suggest you start engaging if that interests you. Various Ministries do put calls out to the public for input (I’ve engage this many times). You can also engage more with your MP (federal) or MLA (provincial) or municipal reps. It doesn’t matter their Party, nor if you vote - they engage and represent (and advocate) on your behalf.

Mind you, if you can’t articulate your issues or you are not specific, this may not garner a response.

I’m assuming “type of government” is the same as you did not specify anything different, eg. Military Dictatorship…

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