Can You Disprove The Existance of God Then?

I agree, but I don’t think I was being harsh with him . . . but rather sympathetic and concerned.

I am sympathetic because I’m autistic. Autism isn’t schizophrenia, but I still get a lot of horrible consequences (like maintaining a job and having fulfilling relationships) because of it.

One of my favorite chestnuts is "If you’re smart enough to get a college degree, and smart enough to be a paramedic, and smart enough to be a published writer . . . then you’re smart enough to know how to not be autistic. If I–as an employer–accommodate your autism, then it’s like being an enabler for an alcoholic or a drug addict. Enabling an alcoholic makes the disease worse, so giving you accommodations for your autism will make your autism worse, and this will create even more problems for the company.

“So, figure out how to not be autistic, or I will fire you. There is nothing personal in anything I’ve said, it’s just business.”

So I can see somewhat similar issues with schizophrenics, and I am very sympathetic.

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I don’t think any of us can diagnose anything from a handful of anonymous posts, just as I think it’s not possible to know if someone has ‘troll’ intentions from those few posts.
What mods do know, and are able to act upon, is if a poster is not adding anything substantive to a debate / conversation or if what they are adding is inappropriate.

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Sorry. I was referring to some of the other posts. And even then, not pointing fingers. Just a general comment about recognizing mental illness for what it is.

Certainly. I can’t disclose my illness under any circumstances. To be honest, I’m flying under the radar and I’ve somehow tricked everyone. Despite the insanity I pour into the generous hearts and minds of resident atheists here, I maintain (what I think) is a fairly normal exterior appearance IRL.

Thank you for your understanding. That being said, there are a lot of serious jobs out there better left to non-schizophrenics. My purposes in life are not life saving or economy deal breakers. I earn a modest living and am able to support a modest household. At the least, I think everyone should have such an opportunity. But my brand of illness is often very debilitating. Often to the extent of requiring staffed accommodation. I’ve been through my fair share of group homes during my younger years. They’re utterly depressing and soul sucking exercises in grounding. Something some schizophrenics will need and sometimes will also use as a stepping stone to full independence. Stigma remains in any event. My kind has been known to murder at the behest of our voices. Not a great look to potential employers.

Edit: “my kind have been known …” When speaking in pluralities a schizophrenic often defers to the collective. In which case a “collective” has been known (as opposed to “my kind” have been known). The whole thing can become over complicated. Words and meaning and disorganized thinking go together like mustard on macaroni and cheese.


And well done. Better for the board and better for the other party.

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The kindest thing you can do is point to the problem. Be honest about it. Set your boundaries. Show up as a human being. You may be the only honest human being the person ever meets. The asshole is the one that pretends there is no problem and allows it to continue as if the person is not really a person, is less than a person, and can have absolutely no control over his or her own life.


Are you using schitzoid-speak to tell us you have lost your job… or is this an attempt at empathy?

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I don’t know where you would have gotten that idea from.

I meant that schizos can hold modest jobs and shouldn’t be employed in any circumstances where the economy or the life of another could take a hit from their disorganized thinking.

Are you being a rapscallion? Hung up on the past again eh. People change Cog. Everyday. People constantly change.


So you are changing your job?

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I’m coming to Korea. I want to study under you.

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I’m not taking on any new students. Might I suggest…
Living alone is better than living with a monkey in a banana tree.
Sorry to hear you lost your job. Good luck with the job search.,

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I didn’t lose it yet. However, ironically enough I’ve got a meeting with my manager on Monday. I dropped the ball at work. It wasn’t exactly my fault. And I’ve got plenty of excuses. Mainly a minor issue.

Would you recommend grovelling at his feet so as to imply subordination, thus stroking his ego and insuring my livelihood?

Or would you recommend not giving a solitary fuck about his supposed “rank” and also making it quite clear that I don’t accept responsibility for what was, effectively, an accident?

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LOL… Do yourself a favor and do not give excuses to your boss. If there is one thing bosses hate it is excuses. Can you even imagine how tiresome excuses are when you are trying to run a business? Accept responsibility, tell him how you fucked up, and tell him what you plan to do to fix the problem. Actually, something “YOU” will do to ENSURE it does not happen again. “Excuses are like assholes, we all have them and they all stink.”

Isn’t it amazing how I weeded through all the schizo-talk and got to the real problem?


First, while some schizophrenics have committed murder, the vast majority of schizophrenic people are harmless and non-violent.

I also think it’s important to judge and treat people as individuals . . . not because they are in a category.

As an example, consider the late Dr. James Fallon (not to be confused with the comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon, as the names are coincidental).

He was a neuroscientist who has made remarkable progress in the understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, autism, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

Yet he accidentally discovered that he has the brain function and brain wiring of the very worst of the psychopathic murderers and serial killers. He hired an expert to research his family tree, and it turns out that he has several ancestors–going back for many generations–that were mass murderers. He even discovered that he is related (by blood) to Lizzie Borden.

Yet he has never committed a crime, has never been violent, and has contributed to our understanding of the human brain. His work may lead to novel treatments for dementia, drug addiction, and psychosis.

So . . . should we decide that he shouldn’t work at certain jobs because he may become dangerous? Do we constantly view him with suspicion because of his brain wiring (and heredity) rather than by his accomplishments?

See below:

I’m going to bring tea and cookies.

People tend to remember the ones who do. Of course, on the other hand, John Nash is a great example of what a schizophrenic can do with support from the community.

Well. I don’t know much about psychopathology. I, like a lot of people, form my belief on what’s available - like movies, etc.

But I’ve known a few suspected psychopaths in my life. One, I’m good friends with.

This person has no remorse and no feelings from the look of it. But I enjoy his company. He likes to go magnet fishing, which is where you cast a strong magnet into a river and dredge up whatever you can. He’s found a few interesting things. It’s a very weird hobby. I think he’s hoping to find a dead body. Maybe latch on to a belt buckle and drag in a rotten corpse.

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I like to collect stamps and old comic books.

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I agree.

I wasn’t trying to “diagnose” him . . . I was just relaying how his posts sounded, and I was being a concerned bystander.

I sometimes don’t communicate well, as I am autistic, and I didn’t mean to imply that I’m qualified to diagnose anything.

Ahhh… I seeeee… :thinking: So, the plot thickens. It’s as though you KNEW I would soon be around with my unique communication skills, maybe knowing that it might potentially be likely that I could possibly uncover truths from RPK that certain “entities” do not care to have disclosed to the general public. Fascinating… I suppose some things are simply better left unknown.

I don’t speak it very well, but I do understand it pretty good. Pretty much the same for Ghetto. Got really good at understanding it during all the years I worked on the streets. Can sorta-kinda speak a wee bit, but it sounds all phony when I do. (And, no, Jive and Ghetto are not the same. :laughing:)


I want to be an agnostic athiest what are basic steps, I am currently Hindu practising and worshiping millions of gods as told by parents now I am independent how should I change my way of living?

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Hi :wave: @rrxxxx

Do you believe in any of the gods you are currently worshipping?

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