Can You Disprove The Existance of God Then?

The Existence of God Is Not In debate, Something Can Never Ever Ever Come from Nothing Inademite Logically saying The logical Mental Process of that Thought Cosmologist Stardust Believer here. I Believe Science Proves and works Together With The Bible In Explaning The Universe Not Against It, And The World Before Us. Not A flat Earther I believe in Galeleo Model But If Hadrons (Higgs Gibson) are Higher and above In Energy levels and Gravity Than The physical World We See Before Us believing We Dont have enough Complete Knowledge To determine if Atheism Itself Can Be a Respected Philosophy of Correct Factual Information Itself.

I Want Any and All Real Correct Information Or Real Evidence of any kind Disproving The Exact Existence Of God! And I Want To Show You I Got The Proof Myself and All The answers To All your Theological Philosophical Bible Question On Proof of The Existence of God?

Genesis 4
2. …Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil.

Superhumans Bro, 1st Ever Existed Original Copy of The 1st Human Ever.

You do see the irony of making that bare assertion in a debate forum?

I don’t believe you, please demonstrate some objective evidence to support your claim. Then explain how this would remotely evidence any deity, were it to be true?

That’s gibberish, and what are the random capital letters for? Also what the hell does inademite mean, is it a word?

The bible is filled with claims that are directly contradicted by scientific facts, like the Noah flood myth, and the Genesis creation myth, to name just two examples. You are also reeling off unevidenced assertions in a debate forum, people will soon tire of this kind of vapid hyperbole.

Hmm, that’s a false dichotomy fallacy, and Galileo (proper spelling) evidenced the heliocentric theory of the universe originally proposed by Copernicus, by using a telescope to demonstrate that Venus went through phases, just like our Moon.

Gibberish again? Atheism is the lack or absence of belief in any deity or deities, and nothing more. I have no idea what the Higgs boson reference is trying to explain, though the hilarity of the misspelling is palpable.

What does evidence of non-existence look like? What is the “real correct information or evidence disproving the existence of mermaids”? You’re simply using an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy.

Great, as I have only one question, can you demonstrate some objective evidence for any deity?

Cryptic gibberish again? The Genesis creation myth is riddled with factual inaccuracies. Though all one would need to disbelieve it, is the fact it is unsupported by any objective evidence.


Higgs Gibson … ?

What ? Some sort of nuclear powered Stratocaster…?


Assuming for the moment that’s the case (which I don’t actually accept, BTW), then where did your god come from?

Please come back when you’ve learned to write a coherent sentence in English. Your initial post is a complete mess of misspellings, bad grammar, and lack of proper punctuation.

  1. Which god?

  2. You are welcome to want this all you like. However, has anyone here actually asserted that gods do not exist?


Oh, @watchman ! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read here at AR!

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TO Sum Up Your arguement You Just Made and everyone elses, Would You Think and Say If I (Myself) Exist God Must Exist Too Right?!

WHAT does Gravity look like? As The spectatre It happens No matter if you believe or not Tree falls and how WeightĂ—Time Immortal Sunlight you Know? but I Believe Cern Is Reaching from Protons(Atoms) To An Invisible World or The Spirit World To obtain Dark Matter Theorized Energy.
SORRY HIGGS BOSON Spirit Worle Experience if you understand what I mean because Specifically This Is Knowledge Said Before Science?

Also Think about BAAL/Yahweh. One Multi God Opposite Theory.

@TheRealPhonecianKing, I, for one, am having a great deal of difficulty understanding what you’re trying to communicate. Your writing so far, imo, is terribly unclear. I’d like to be able to engage in conversation with you but am unable to do so very well. Are you able / willing to write more clearly?

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OK . . . which god (or gods)?

I also assume that you’re referring to the Big Bang when you claim that something can’t come from nothing, and this is a fallacy that keeps getting thrown out again and again by apologists.

Cosmologists do not claim (and have never claimed) that “something came from nothing.” The Big Bang started the current presentation of the Universe, not that the Big Bang came from nothing.

Also, if God created the Universe, then where does God come from? If we decide that God has always existed, then why not save a step and decide that the Universe has always existed?

Or, if we decide that God’s origin is an unanswerable question, then why not save a step and decide that the origin of the Universe is an unanswerable question?

These ideas are not my own, as I’ve heard them from Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov.

Sometimes people believe that evolution claims to violate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (as you imply that order cannot come from pre-existing disorder), which is consistant with your idea that something can’t come from nothing.

Well . . . consider rock candy.

I can dissolve a whole lot of sugar into a saucepan of boiling water on my stove and–when I put a wooden popsicle stick in this solution and turn off the heat, sugar will crystallize onto the stick . . . we have sucrose molecules all lined up in predictable, repeating rows in a “monoclinic” crystalline structure.

The boiling solution of sugar water has very little order at all, as the sugar molecules are oriented every which way randomly . . . yet when we stop adding energy, we actually get a considerable amount of order when the sugar molecules collect themselves into nice, neat, orderly rows.

Evolution and the increasing complexity of life can be thought of in a similar way, and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is not violated by the process of abiogenesis, or “life from lifelessness.”

I hope this helps, and I hope you reply.

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Have a word with your supplier mate, he’s cutting your supply with the wrong stuff…


GOD is Outside Time and Space In My Theory.
Time Has No Effect on Him, With Nuclei Wizing Around baxk and forthTill an Impact and then made Sunstances Materials, Beginning of The Universe. Beginning of The Minute.
I Think God Is Life and Life Is a Person Itself That Started All Life after.
MAKE Sence Logically.

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Otherwise I believe Ask, Seek, Knock.
Energy Comes in Many Different Forms water wind solar So be careful What You Wish For Candy Isnt The Best for you but Energy has always Existed always been there The Earth Itself has Not Is a Good Answer To That?

John 1:1
Word Is God.

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The existence of gods or gods is an unfalsifiable claim. The idea that the bible works with science is as inane as saying both the bible and mankind try to explain human existence. DUH! If you make such an assertion, you will have to defend it claim by claim.

The Higgs Boson is a “Higher Energy Level” You can believe as you like. Sometimes it is best to stay quiet and let people think you are a bit funny than it is to open your mouth and prove it.
HIGGS BOSON: he Higgs boson is the fundamental particle associated with the Higgs field, a field that gives mass to other fundamental particles such as electrons and quarks .

HIGGS FIELD: Higgs field, a field that permeates space and endows all elementary subatomic particles with mass through its interactions with them. The field and the particle—named after Peter Higgs of the University of Edinburgh, one of the physicists who in 1964 first proposed the mechanism—provided a testable hypothesis for the origin of mass in elementary particles.

I don’t see any of this mentioned in the bible. If fact, if you accept it at all… NO GOD REQUIRED.

You would need to define your god before anyone could give you any sort of evidence to the contrary. If you are calling your god energy, well, we all agree energy exists. If you are attributing consciousness or some form a animation qualities to this energy, well your work is ahead of you.

There are millions of gods out there. Define your God, it’s parameters and characteristics.

Well… (I’ve got my finger up my butt waiting!)


LOL - So god does not exist in your theory. I agree. Things that exist are necessarily temporal. All actions, motions, and activities occur within a time reference. If your god exists for no time and in no space, it simply is not there. We are in complete agreement.


FUENQUENCIES, Energy field where Energy exist at.

You have To physically show Your Obedience To God To Recieve Miracle Powers. :100:

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One inane assertion after another. Your god can not be energy and exist in no time and in no space. Energy is temporal. We can measure it, use it, even see it at times, or at least predict it and see it in action. Your god thing is nothing at all like energy. Or if it is as you assert, please demonstrate how you are making that connection.


This is like the word salad of a schizophrenic. Are you on medication?


If You want archeological Evidence Why dont Look Up Sumarian Kings Dont Look At Ancient Aliens History Chanel"Sumarian Kings".

But That Note
Revelations 16
5 Then I heard the angel in charge of the waters say:

“You are just in these judgments, O Holy One,

I think Your Answer lies In Revelations 16
With 5th Bowl being 2 Witnesses Antichrist And The Rapture Trumpets are before The Bowls Of The Complete Wrath Of God.
Bibically Trumpets are The Signs and proofs To the inhabitants of the Earth For Gods Existance itself before His Wrath.
Jesus First Person To Come back To Life?

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Do you have any objectively verifiable evidence for this “theory”, or did you pull it out of your ass?