Can we get a poll feature for our posts?

The old forum brands used to have them like PHPBB and reddit still has them. They could potentially be lots of fun and maybe even get some lurkers involved in debates.

A lot of the lurkers just revisit old debates we had going on months ago. Mainly Christians blabbing bullshit.


When you reply there is an icon on the extreme right of the menu. click that and it has the option to set up a poll.


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Can I pretend like that wasn’t there before and you went out of your way to add it there for me? Lol thanks for your help

Knock yourself out, shall I edit my post and add a bwooohahahahaha at the end, as if I was being dastardly? :innocent:

FYI I have always loved the word dastardly, since I was a child, remember the cartoon character Dick Dastardly and his dog Muttley?