Can Religion Give You PTSD? - ABSOLUTELY!

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It is an excellent, serious article by the therapists on how to deal with religious trauma.

Google might bring up a free read from the title. Below is looking to sell the subscription.

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Don’t know about mainstream sects, but some of minor one such as JW’s, definitely. I suspect the damage done is largely due to what extent the sect controls a person’s life.

If for example a smaller sect or cult which sets up an them vs us mentality against the outside world. Some organisations control every waking moment of its members and controls everything they learn. EG no TV, radio, newspapers.

I understand that that people who have left cults and extreme sects need some heavy duty deprograming. However, I think overall it’s only a matter of degree. IMO dogmatic thinking and beliefs stunt the individuals concerned as thinking human beings.

I left the Catholic church in 1968, yet I still refer to myself as ‘a cultural catholic’. Beliefs and attitudes inculcated before the age of reason are almost impossible to remove completely, imo.

I said you would need to google the name of the article.

Yes, the research shows that the highest per capita abuse is in the groups where the ‘clergy’ have the most control over the ‘laity.’ The study I read had the JW at the highest per capita abuse.

The culture warriors in the Catholic Church are the worst. i.e. It is perfectly ok that I am a deranged predator of children because I don’t eat meat on Friday.

Also, the Catholic Church :church: doesn’t take you off it’s membership “count” (I suppose). Maybe a reason they’re considered the largest 1.3 billion baptized members.

Cute play with numbers, eh? “Waahhh waahhhh waaahhhh :baby:t3:

Yes. Check out “Recovering From Religion.” Being scared shitless of hell and afraid of your own shadow is a very real experience. Night terrors. Insane reactions in new situations. Extreme overreaction to common stimuli. Belief in the supernatural. Absolutely you can suffer from PTSD/

And we have not even gotten into physical abuse, the mental abuse alone is enough to fuck you up for life.

Any organization that tries to prevent you from talking with former members; is almost guaranteed to be abusive.

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I had posted in a different thread, but Belgium recognized (via a court case) this action of hatred towards ex-members.