Bye Atheist Republic

I’m out from this “forum”

There is no such thing as as atheist lifestyle.

What on earth makes you think I/we will play follow the leader with some anonymous dropkick on line?

And again;self promotion is not allowed

So far you’ve lacked the good manners to introduce yourself. I think it would be peachy keen if you would fuck off.

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Welcome to Atheist Republic

Personally, I would select Discord. It supports text and voice chat, either in groups or publicly. It supports file transfers, and if you use a microphone and video camera, streaming.

I use Signal and Zoom

Stopped using Whatsapp when I found out it is owned by Facebook and data mines.

It’s just weird that you would open with wanting to chat it up with strangers on a different app. when we are obviously all here :roll_eyes:.

Consider yourself warned.


Atheist lifestyle? What in the fuck is this nonjob blabbing about. Have you assholes been living a secret Atheist Lifestyle without telling me about it???

What? No-one’s told you about the Heretical Mah Jong and Fondue Nights every Wednesday?..maybe the invite got lost…

Lord its not going to work. We all live in different time zones around the world. Are you American? I never feel like conferencing at 2 am to argue how much more I disbelieve in gods than anyone else. Using AR like a post office has served us very well for years and beside I’m near stone deaf. I only deal in text messages and I don’t need visuals for that either. If you were all to go to conferencing I would feel like I was being ostracised and missing out on that happy atheist lifestyle you are promoting.



First rule of atheist club.


What atheist club would that be Sheldon? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is the first time Lord has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Damn, that was quick?

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Awwwww fuk. I love MahJohg. I can get 30 of those little tiles in my mouth at the same time. If you mix them up they look different every time. Do you guys know why you never want to play MahJohg with a chimp?

You don’t wanna fuck with a chimp’s working memory!

Well can’t say anyone who picks “Lord” as an online identifier, has nothing to say BUT promotes other platforms…then “feels” the need to let us know he/she is going :woman_shrugging:t2:


There - I had my good cry. Felt the heartache. Lived through the rejection.


Have the same problem with baby sis. She lives in Melbourne.