Burning books is not morally wrong


Some great policies on charity there. While all charities have their overhead, anything more than 10 % is very suspicious.

The United Way with it’s limo-riding CEOs is right out for me! I would never give to the United Way!

Those sound like very worthy charities too. I bet Dr. Fred Hollows doesn’t use clay and spit to help the blind either like a certain quack from long ago. :+1:

Resolution of conflict? I took a week long course for that.

I like local support. One charity is community based. Funds are “raised” annually and then distributed on a need basis locally. High accountability for the funds and the receivers.

Every year we find out where it went from the previous year and meet the families. An examples…

Father sole supporter, stay-at-home wife, mother of 3. Youngest gets cancer. In Canada costs for healthcare are covered, but the charity covered the out-of-town costs for mom to stay with the youngest and after school care/cleaning/cooking for the family that remained…during treatments.

There’s usually 5-6 annually that receive this type of community support. Flexible to different circumstances or temporary emergency situations.

I give to another internationally that meets my requirements.

And the here or there is local food bank or victim supports (abused women fleeing and need a start in life).

Resolution. Waste of time in a hierarchical organisation. Especially if dealing with a turd like me who would not compromise if in a position of strength. :innocent:

I will never send any money to a religious charity. Because they are religious, they can not be audited, nor are they obligated to show any financial records to the public.


Just so. Me neither.

Because they can’t be audited no one knows what percentage of donations go to ‘administration’ or to their core business of religion. Very few people or organisations are more skilful at obfuscation and bare faced lies than religions and their clergy. —apart from Trump’s elected supporters. What a morally supine bunch.

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Because we’re all in this together, and everything matters! Burning books destroys years of thought of evidence, it destroys history!

Where I’m from, Iowa, as a kid, there was a family that wanted me to destroy my Kiss Alblum collection. Said they’d give me 50$ if I would let them burn them for me! Also we forget that religious people, really religious people would love to burn books that help people to learn on their own, which is a sin. All should be learned from God… also… there are many older books on physiology and older books on the founders of different communities that hold clues to whom runs things behind the curtain of OZ.

Morally or ethically, tis neither here nor there, it just dumb unless you prefer that nobody come to the absolute truth of the way things are. Because we all matter and we’re all connected through time, everything matters. Unless it’s PORN, Burn that shit! Other wise it’s information, a tiny part of our puzzling lives on this planet!

They follow the path of war… like good cop and cop… they waltz in and lull them to the breast of christ.

Some of your commentary is OK - regular, somewhat … but then you do pop out with some weird shit, like the above…

“Absolute truth” - What odd wording.

And are we really “connected thru time” - you may want to expand on your idea of this type of statement AND

As for PORN - fuckin’ don’t mess with my income stream you tight ass (unless it’s real tight and then I may be able to get you an audition)…

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I’m always suspicious of people who put adjectives on the word “truth”.

Guess you said it all whitefire.

Yeah, well, you call out my “odd wording”, in an attempt to single me out somehow… to make me feel weird or unacceptable some how…? Hmm, ok.

Odd is comic con! Or area 51 screw balls… I just thought I could find someone that was awake enough to converse with.

There are many absolute truths, the Sun cycles, moon cycles, Jupiter’s cycles, electromagnetic rings and influences

All ansolute.

I think it’s just that some peoples intelligence has a dollar sign after it and becomes so sectional, and sub categorized to the point of being microscopic, and so learned this way and that it becomes habitual in nature in every conversation and no longer relies on imagimation, and wonder, because the Achilles heal of ego…

I try to reduce everything to its most elementary form… why complicate.

Nah - when there are a majority of theists who love absolutes. You’re in a majority - but nice try with the “persecution victim” perception.

“Awake” lol… if I was asleep, I wouldn’t be writing now, would I? You a JW? They sell “Awake” mags and they definitely have a persecution complex.

Horse pucky. Another wild, unsupported claim. It was never my experience growing up in a chronically catholic house and going to an extremely Catholic school. If you’re going to make any kind of claim, you can expect to be challenged to show your evidence. Opinions and imaginings won’t do it.

Name two people who have. I’ve never come across anyone who has possessed any kind of absolute truth. I’m unconvinced there is any such thing. ( I ignore the unsupported claims of religious believers)

Who exactly put you in charge of what should or should not be burned?

IMO it is the intentional destruction of ideas which is wrong. I saw a lot of porn in the army, I was 21. I grew out of that interest. That was over 50 years ago. Today, I find pornography sordid, but that’s my value judgement, I have no right to impose my moral values on others. Nor do you imo.

Things can be objectively true, they cannot be absolute truths, unless you’re claiming to be omniscient of course.

Since you have misrepresented science, it’s worth noting that the method requires all scientific facts must remain tentative, and open to revision in the light of new evidence.

This doesn’t stop them being scientific facts, it does mean they cannot be absolute truths.


Ok. I see we’re not going to get anywhere, your set in ways…

But I am curious, why is the monaquer for atheist republic the same as the Gutenberg.org ebook archive? I have a meet up tonight on entries 1-11 of Dante’s Devine Comedys third book, Hell. And when I put it on my home page it’s identical to the symbol of this site!? A black lion and a black horse, on either side of a black circle. And actually, just now, when I opened the atheist republic up on my phone, for a brief second before showing this page it showed the page with the Devine Comedy on it!??

Apparently there’s no place to hide from the evil eye.

Nice try. However, you’ve demonstrated it is you who are set in your ways and that you are demonstrably in errors. Feel free to take your little red wagon and go home in a sulk.

Gee, we’re very fond of jumping to unfounded conclusions. It’s just a symbol. There is no hidden or esoteric meaning. As Sigmund Freud famously did not say "Sometimes a cigar is just cigar.:

PS The contraction of you are is you’re and it’s 'divine.

“Nice try” is you subconscious go too! You probably argue everything before you give it much thought.

Did the word “debate” skip your notice.

And someone quick in their thinking does not indicate lack of thought. What they write does.