Books by Black Atheists

Black atheist books are somewhat of a new query for African Americans. Historically, African Americans have been considered one of the most religious and superstitious demographics in the world. This is changing rapidly as more and more Black Atheists speak out and more Black Christians wake up to the realization that religion is harmful and simply not true.
Thanks to some brave Black authors and activists, there have been several books written by African American atheists during the last century. Despite the increasing amount of Black atheists, and clear openness to “diversity” within the secular movement, books by black authors and scholars have received much support from the secular/atheist/humanist community.
List of books by black atheists available at

I’ll recommend anything by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his podcast is fantastic. One of only three I have subscribed to. Star Talk.

There is a black science podcasts by an atheist called “Shot Out Electron” too