Bonus Bucket Jim Bakker!


Has anyone ever tried eating some of those “stock-pile-for-the-apocolypse” buckets of food that televangelists hawk? You know like Jim Bakker’s Bonus Buckets? Like how he became known as “Bonus Bucket Jim Bakker”! I wonder if his buckets taste like shit!

He should have a song:

“Bonus Bucket Jim Bakker!!
He eats the word of: GAWD!”

It’s becoming more and more obvious that “YOU NEED JESUS IN YOUR LIFE!” Anyone else not buying this bullshit?

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Ohhhh :open_mouth: I had some :moneybag: …I had some time :alarm_clock:.
Went to the bathroom :toilet: spent my last dime!

In Canada growing up, we had public bathrooms that you had to pay for to use. My mom would have me crawl under the door.

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We had them here too in the city. There were several scattered around and they were underground. They cost penny. Hence the popular expression “I need to spend a penny”.There is actually a variety store here called ‘Spend a Penny’. I think it’s vulgar.

In recent years, the city council has thoughtfully built a few public toilets on the edge of some parks. Children are warned not to use such facilities unless with an adult.

Do you recall Cranky, the popular graffitti in penny toilets?
“Here I sit, broken hearted
Paid my penny,
But only farted.”

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Not really.


I do remember;
No good standing on the seat
The crabs can leap 30 feet

Favourite, from the University library, right next to the toilet paper;’ “BA’s, please take one”

The filthiest, most racist graffito I’ve ever come across was in the mens toilets at the Law library at Adelaide university.

Well, I did see Alex Jones trying to choke down some of his own survivalist food and the look on his face said it all. It must have been pretty nasty.

Put me in mind of this clip from Crocodile Dundee

ATTENTION: This toilet is for Democrats only. If you voted for Trump you can not shit here. Your asshole is in Washington.

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